Dear Kan Recipients & Pneemah Planetary Healers,

This note from Spaceweather about the upcoming Mars/Saturn conjunction this weekend ( on the heels of Friday's Sun opposition Pluto ) has some astrological implications. For those of you who are on the Pneemah list, it might be useful for you to revisit the Planetary Healing button at  The heart-petal triplets for Friday's meditation are:

yod-yod-zayin   hay-zayin-yod   hay-raysh-hhet  &  hey-hey-ayin (40-9-59-12)

The degree from Aleph 2160 is the 9th degree of Leo, 129, which speaks of the balancing of polarities and the potential for entering a state of  non- dual consciousness. The conjunction of Mars (the Warrior) with Saturn (the Divine Mother, kabbalistically) is an alignment of passion and discernment.

That being said, by all means go out after sunset and enjoy the visible conjunction !

Space Weather News for June 14, 2006

CONVERGING PLANETS:  Mars and Saturn aren't super-bright, but they will catch
your eye after dark because they are so close together.  The two planets are
converging, forming a tight pair in the western sky. Look for them just after
sunset on the evenings of June 15th through 17th.  The view is best on June
17th, when Saturn and Mars are closest together, but it's also fun watching them
converge on the two nights before.

PHOTO-OP:  June 15th is special because, en route to Saturn, Mars will glide in
front of the Beehive star cluster. Using binoculars or a small telescope you can
easily see the ensemble: it will look like a red supernova (Mars) has gone off
among the stars of the Beehive.  Astrophotographers, prepare your cameras!

SPACE STATION SIGHTINGS:  At this time of year, near the June solstice, the
International Space Station (ISS) is orbiting in almost continuous sunlight.
It's a great time to see the ISS flying brightly-lit through the night sky.
Would you like to be alerted when the ISS is about to fly over your backyard?
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