Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter:   Sept.17, 2005  


Tonight's full moon occurs at the 25th degree of Pisces, the vesica pisces degree from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle. The degree speaks of the recalibration of the electrical and magnetic frequencies that emanate from Planet Earth. Given the recent mega  solar flare (see spaceweather.com) and the resulting auroras this recalibration is not a surprise. But the real news today is an unusual double yod formation, otherwise know as the Finger of God. The yod is the most fascinating and mysterious of all astrological aspects. The interpretation of this aspect varies dramatically according to the astrologer venturing a guess at both outer manifestations and personal psychological significance. The quincunx is an aspect of 150 degrees between planets. The keynote words for the quincunx are : adjustment, paradox, perceptual shift, accident, synchronicity, re-direction, multi-dimensional awareness. The Yod is a geometrical formation that involves a sextile ( 60 degrees ) between two planets and a third planet at the inverse midpoint, 150  degrees from both of them. So what we have today, on the 17th of September is a sextile between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Sagittarius with Mars as the trigger in Taurus. All three planets are at the 22nd degree of their respective signs. And as I write this little astrological epistle, the moon has just passed the 22nd degree of Pisces, quincunxing Jupiter and squaring Pluto. And there is one more powerful quincunx at work today, Uranus in Pisces quincunx Saturn in Leo.

So, what on Earth does this all mean, you may well ask? Let's go slowly to see if we can unravel it. Uranus in Pisces has been the indicator for seven years of water and ocean related earth changes. You can search out a back issue of the Mountain Astrologer to read about that prophecy. The Mayans suggested the possibility of five major water oriented disasters or upheavals this year alone. The tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka, the floods in Europe and the hurricane that sideswiped New Orleans count as three of the five. China has had floods as well. But channelers are predicting two more "big ones" yet to come. When Saturn went into Leo in mid August, there was a major re-calibration of planetary economics. The American ecomomy is leaking badly and it will take more that levees and a bucket to bail it out. I recently received a report from concerned biologists and water specialists on a way to defuse the toxic time bomb in New Orleans with Effective Micro-organisms  to remediate toxic waste and prevent a potential epidemic. (see www.emamerica.com  ) We shall see if Mr. Bush's plan for doing whatever it takes to rebuild New Orleans involves a sane and ecofriendly way of dealing with environmental issues that require microbial technologies to neutralize the unsavoury soup! So that Saturn in Leo represents the karmic obligation of world leaders (and perhaps Hollywood movie stars in the case of America) to deal consciously and compassionately with the upcoming earth changes that are at our doorstep in 2005 and 2006.

Back to the double yod in today's Finger of God. The Jupiter in Libra at the 22nd degree is in resonance with the etzem/essence and the bones of our ancestors. There are benefic energies doing what is allowed to help us out at this critical moment in our evolution. There are positive vibrational frequencies being sent our way from the stars Spica and Arcturus. Lightworkers with links to the Arcturian energies are being asked to stabalize and balance emotional and ecological energy fields that are an evolutionary challenge in and of themselves. I would refer you here to a recent Sedona Journal of Emergence if you wish to know more about this kind of thing. Pluto at the 22nd degree of Sagittarius has recently turned direct (Sept. 2nd, just before the New Moon) and is heading, slowly but surely toward the degree of the Galactic Centre. The impulse and the energies that Pluto invokes at 262 (22 Sag.) involves calling in the visionaries, the indigos, the starseeds and all the buddhas about to incarnate or awaken on our planet to aid in the vibratory uplifting we so long for in this time. Aleph 2160 speaks of one who can "translate Urim images from right to left brain ". (Urim images are multidimensional stacked energy packets of sacred geometrical forms akin to the crop circles.) And we should remember that Pluto is our guide for both the planetary and the galactic underworld, in the words of John Major Jenkens...

Now finally we should have a look at the planet that holds the trigger for the Finger of God, Mars. The 22nd degree of Taurus (52nd of the 360 degree zodiac mandala) is resonant with the zealous Hebrew prophet Elijah/ Eliyahu. The one who is rumoured to return to Earth before the "day of the Lord", the thousand years of Aquarian Age Peace and Harmony that is scripted for this planet once all the solar flares, earth changes, tzunamis, megastorms, megaquakes, big windstorms, megavolcanic irruptions & meteorite moments give way to the still small voice that is hiding at the core of the human heart... The 22nd degree of Taurus reads as follows in my Zodiac Oracle:


Aliyah Eliyahu    the ascension of Elijah    took Elisha

by surprise     made him just a touch impatient    cantankorous   vulnerable

to the ridicule & gossip   of those who couldn't feel or follow       Aliyah Eliyahu

let the vowels fall thru your field      like a cloak of golden light    A  E   AH  U

until you stand    in a holy place    with a pure heart

feeling the descent of vowel tones        brushing you     with an eagle's wing....


So perhaps it is time today to call in the one called Metatron. Or if you are perchance a Buddhist, time to meditate with the full Pisces moon and emanate a good measure of Metta into the buddhafield. That Finger of God reminds me of the one that William Blake called Los, the prophetic imagination, that sliver of Self that keeps the Divine Vision in times of trouble.

The Next Kan should be out before the Rosh Hashanah 5766  Solar Eclipsed New Moon on Oct.3rd.


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May you feel regenerated and renewed by the Pisces Full Moon.

with blessings & light, Joseph-Mark


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Sept.17, 2005, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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