Your Zodiac Oracle 
   October-November 2007
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Prelude: The Harvest Full Moon of Sept.26th at 3 degrees of Aries served to release some of the intensity & soul searching that has been challenging daily manna for many pathfinders & lightworkers recently. Now that Saturn has moved into Virgo, our consciousness has shifted from personal to collective, particle to wave, dream to reality or in kabbalist parlance, from atzilut to assiah. Mars, the initiator, the warrior, the great catalyst will be transiting Cancer all of October & November, so it is the season for home renovations & feng shui in all the nooks & crannies of one's environment.  The truthtester Pluto is moving once again, en route to its final rendezvous with the Galactic Center in time for the American Thanksgiving. Yes, the key to a safe passage is cranberries & pranayama!...  
Portals: October is full to the brim with auspicious portals & trigger points for our collective nervous system! Mercury is meandering through Scorpio, turning retrograde on the 13th Oct. till Nov.2nd. This is an optimal time to examine the fine print of all financial & soul contracts, to let go of unwanted parasites & attachments, to edit & fine tune manuscripts, & to become a private detective gathering info into the shadowy side of life. Jupiter squares Uranus on Oct.6, Venus on Oct.28th-- there are creative & relationship changes booked for October. November begins with both Neptune & Mercury turning direct-- this should bring us out of a sustained coastal fog patch & allow for a new clear vision of how to become a true human being in  dangerous & volatile times...   
Zodiac Oracles for Oct.-Nov.
Aries: You may find yourself challenged on more than one front this fall. First of all, Mars in Cancer may disrupt your domestic reality & send you running to neighbours or family for sanctuary. There is something going on behind the scenes that will be brought to your attention. Put a call out for professional help, if need be.  
Taurus: Your healing touch & love of beauty will magnetize many new relationships this autumn. So there is more for you to do than rake the leaves & roast the chestnuts! That Venus in Virgo will have you sorting, classifying & organizing photos & creating power point presentations for personal & professional venues. You are contemplating one very grand purchase. As big as a grand piano. Plan a CD release party to pay for it!
Gemini: You are at the edge of a giant dreamcatcher just waiting for some news from the Great Mystery as to which way to go, if the going is good. Your gentle deer medicine keeps you from pushing the envelope of possibility. Still, your heart is yearning for what has formerly been perceived as unattainable.  All the oracles suggest that you just stretch & stretch until your heart breaks into a bliss state!

Cancer:  It is that time of year again, the season when Mars comes by to assess your inner & outer resources. You have a thousand ideas & projects that have been simmering on the back burner for years now. Mars wants you to chose one, (maybe two if you are lucky) give it your all, turn up the burner, write down the number of your local fire department (just in case) & let out one big EUREKA... And open that bistro, already...   

Leo:  Yes you have chased down a new dream & you are abuzz with what is now possible for you after the great jailbreak of 2007. Venus has departed your abode as of Oct.8th & has left you a hidden code, a time capsule treasure under the right paw of the Sphinx. So you have this notion that with a tad of fundraising, you will become the Producer, Director & Marketing Genius for the film version of your new dream. The omens insist that you hire a Virgo for this task.

Virgo:  If there was ever a time for you to open your hidden heart to love, it is now. Yes, it is true that due to the wisdom gained from past experiences in this delicate domain, you have vowed to always attempt head over heart decisions in these matters. Well there comes a time to annul all past vows & surrender to the gifts of the present moment. Now is the time, dear Virgo. The stars are aligned in your favour...

Libra:  You are not really planning to throw a big birthday party this year for a variety of reasons. You really prefer to be wined & dined & loved by your wide circle of friends, one at a time. Besides, you have attempted to put a batch of them in a room together on more that one occasion & the outcome was chaos. And even worse, you felt yourself to be a failure as an Alchemist & Matchmaker. So just love the Beloved  in all beings... 

Scorpio: What was lost will be soon found. What was once in the pawn shop, will fetch a mint this fall on e-bay. The value of your investments will jump up & live again, just like the Japanese yen. And your broken heart will take the time it needs to heal. And just when you feel that you should check into your local Buddhist monastery, you will hear a knock at the door of your heart. The truth is you love to die & be reborn. So die before death & resurrect now! 

 Sagittarius: You are the quintessential quantum physicist & yes, you have without doubt discovered the key to Zero Point Energy, not to mention the Plenum that resides in the heart of the Void. You are 100% sure that you have made it to the mystic patio of omnipresence & soon  your gift for lucid dreaming will allow you to travel with all the angels & galactic wizards. Just make sure you pay your credit cards before departure!..

Capricorn: When you wake up & smell the fair trade organic coffee this month, you will be looking down a long dark tunnel to find the sword of Mars at the other end. This may feel like sudden death overtime & precipitate an adrenalin rush of tsunami proportions. Your zodiacal guides advise you to keep your cool, gather your chi & go for a long walk in the rain. It is time to let go of the past & be a true samurai warrior...  

Aquarius:  Last month I gave you notice that you have achieved open wi-fi access to the CircleMakers, the creators of an away team of light spheres that create the Sacred Geometric Crop Circles in the summer months on the Wiltshire landscape. The big question is: What are they up to in the offseason? You, Aquarius, have been tagged by the CircleMakers to network the light you carry in your aura & do all the link-ups that you can in October & November...   


Pisces:  We have noticed that the vast majority of empathic, compassionate, imaginative, graceful, tantric Pisceans have managed to let go of a full assortment of addictions to retreat centers, entheogens, friends in high & not so high places, favored yoga asanas, power-packed morning herbal smoothies, juice fasts, & lovers to whom they had become technically co-dependant. Having surrendered all you can, still you must remember: Wherever you go, there you are...

Sept. 26, 2007   All rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen   

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