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Stargate 2007: Dec. 17-20 in Sedona, Arizona

an Experiential Journey

 in Visionary Astrology

with Joseph-Mark Cohen
& guest alchemists

 from the Tree-of-Life Mystery School

This experiential seminar offers you an entrance into the leading edge of Astrology for the 21st century. Over a period of 4 days you will experience meditations, soul journeys & initiations that transmit star wisdom and awaken memory of the celestial realms. The seminar format includes: guided visualizations, merkavah journeys, crystal & mineral meditations, music & dance ceremonials, plus an extraordinary slide show of astronomical & deep space objects photographed by the Hubble telescope.
You will be guided on a rich anthropological expedition to retrieve the star myths of the Egyptian,Chinese, Hebrew, Mayan, Zoroastrian, & Native American traditions. Joseph-Mark will enchant from his kabbalistic epic Aleph 2160 during Stargate 2007. We will explore pivotal astrological moments between the years 2007 & 2012 as well as divining a pattern for both personal & planetary ascension portals during this time of Galactic Alignment. You are invited to join with star-walkers, magi, astronomer-priests of the Academy of On & Lightworkers of the Most High in ceremony to open the Windows of the Sky !
Stargate 2007 will be offered in this year only in Sedona, Arizona. For registration & booking kindly visit   or call Joseph-Mark at 250-229-2227.  The fee for this seminar is $777.  A deposit of $222 (US) via credit card at the website order form will reserve your admission to Stargate 2007.
The Star dates for Stargate 2007 are:
Dec. 17-20 in Sedona 

The Tree-of-Life School of
Kabbalistic Astrology & Healing
invites you to participate in our annual 
 Sedona Stargate Retreat
in preparation for the
Great Galactic Alignment

with Joseph-Mark Cohen & guest alchemists

Sedona, Az, Dec.  21-24, 2007
This school takes place at a once-every-26,000-year consciousness window that will allow us to experience galactic energies in a new way. It is an extraordinary opportunity for vibrational attunement. During this 4-day retreat, we will be tuning in to 10 different galactic energies. We will do this on site in Sedona at five specific vortex sites.
 Mornings will be devoted to sound healing, harmonics and Tree-of-Life Bodywork. We will be engaging in experiential astrology and the creation of vibrational elixirs each afternoon. Each evening we will explore galactic mythology, star lore and things cosmological. We will  include a visit to the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff as part of the retreat.
There is one ceremonial site near the Schnebly Vortex which was dedicated a number of years ago as a Tree-of-Life ceremonial site. We will be gathering there each day for meditations on the Ayn Soph Aur ... the Infinite Light. This site will be dedicated to group merkavah journeying. Among the star systems/galaxies that we will be exploring are the following: Andromeda, Alcyone (the Pleiades), Capella, Polaris, Sirius, Regulus, M87, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri, Antares, the Galactic Centre, Vega, & Altair.
This is a residential retreat. The tuition for the school is $777. A credit card deposit of $222 at the website order form will hold your space for this retreat. For inquiries or to order The Great Mystery or the Galactic Alignment Elixir Kits, call Joseph-Mark Cohen at  888-633-2214 or e mail:
JMC with  Earthkeeper Crystal
  Below :Iala amidst the Dolphins

To the left is JMC with Earthkeeper Crystal and to the right is JMC with orbs at Schnebly.
Iala amidst the Dolphins
JMC with orbs at Schnebly
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 Codes of the Kabbalah
in Sedona, Arizona  Dec. 26-30, 2007 
  You are invited to join with a core group of sincere seekers to explore 5 major Kabbalah Codes at  key portal moments  in 2007.  This retreat in Sedona will offer you the opportunity to dive deep into the mysteries of the Kabbalah as well as giving you a chance to explore the vortex energy of  Adamah at a number of local sites in the Sedona red rock environ:  Cathedral Rock, the Schnebly Plateau, Thunder Mountain (Sugarloaf Hill), Boynton Canyon & Red Rock Crossing among others. Joseph-Mark will conduct ceremonials & guide meditations in nature each day of the retreat. The seminar schedule for the 5 day retreat is as follows:
Day 1 :  The Hebrew Letter Code & The Gematria Code:
 An introduction to the 22 sacred fire letters and their significance in the realm of physics, sacred geometry, gematria, sound healing and the  mysticism of the Hebrew language as a cosmology for co-creation.
We will board the Sonic Merkavah with a group light body meditation based on the Hebrew fire letters tonight. 
Day 2 : The Tree-of -Life Code
 An in depth exploration of the vibrational energies of the 10 spheres within the physical, psychological & merkavah light bodies. We will do a one day training in Kabbalistic Healing and bodywork before a ceremony that offers us the chance to dance into the Void (at da'at) & create an etheric Pillar-of-Light to ascend  Jacob's Ladder. We will journey to the Schnebly Plateau to explore the energetics of the Tree at an outdoor temple site that is extraordinarily beautiful.
Day 3 : The Ancestor Code & the Star Codes
 We will explore our connection with our Earth Ancestors, the cosmic Tree of Life and our connection with  what  native peoples call the Great Star Nations. We will look at our personal kabbalistic astrology and tree-of-life maps in relation to starlore and starwalking before we board the merkavah and align with the Pillar of Light.  We will speculate as to where the Hebrew, the Mayan and various indiginous peoples originated and begin our sourcing thru kabbalistic meditation and merkavah journeying.
Day 4 : The Harmonic Codes of the Elohim & the 72 Petals of the Heart:
 We will explore the sacred harmonics and the vowel tones embedded in the 72 triplets that are generated from the passage in Exodus that speaks of the crossing of the Sea of Reeds.
We will explore these as portals and keys to opening up the levels of the etheric heart chakra the Kabbalah refers to as Tipheret. Our journey today will take us to Boynton Canyon for a ceremonial foray into earth listening to Kol Ha' Adamah and to some earth healing....  
Day 5 : The Torah Codes & Prophecy. 
We will examine a few of the many Torah codes today from a sane and non sensationalist perspective. Collectively we will choose a few areas for exploration that may well be hidden in the text of Torah or hidden in the depths of our soul memory.  We will close the seminar with a  group merkavah journey... and a hike up to Cathedral Rock for those who wish to come..
Click here to view and download:
 72 Divine Names for Opening the Petals of the Heart/Tipheret Chart.
cathedral rock

Joseph-Mark Cohen is the founder and director of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School which offers seminars and journeys to  sacred sites in Egypt, Glastonbury, Sedona, Brazil & throughout the Mediterranean world. He is the author of 3 books on the Kabbalah ( The Book of Gates, The Kabbalistic Healing Workbook & The Tree of Life Tarot Workbook) , an epic earth mysteries poem Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle  ( in the mystical poetical tradition of Blake & Rumi ), plus a forthcoming novel : The Unicorn Messiah.
 Be sure to visit  to sample a few appetizers from these works. Joseph-Mark has a knack for bringing the most esoteric and mystical teachings down to earth. His workshops are pure magic !

Cost for this retreat is $888.  You can reserve a space by sending a $222 deposit by credit card through the order form at   The balance is to be paid at registration before the opening session.  Kindly call Joseph-Mark at 888-633-2214 or 250-3229-2227 for information regarding logistics, accommodations & pre-seminar preparation.
JMC with  Earthkeeper Crystal
  Below :Iala amidst the Dolphins

To the left is JMC with Earthkeeper Crystal and to the right is JMC with orbs at Schnebly.
Iala amidst the Dolphins
JMC with orbs at Schnebly
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