Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter   Oct.24, 2001


Dear Friends,


The most recent new moon on the 16th of October at 24 degrees of Libra featured a square from Mars in the new moon chart, making the theme this month the duel between  libran stategy & negotiation and capricorn power plays . The planet Mercury finally went direct yesterday, wirhin a degree of its position on Sept.11th. On the 19th of October our sun emitted four large solar flares or coronal mass ejections. These flares tend to destabalize the relationship between our mental and emotional bodies. (You can monitor our solar weather at www.spaceweather.com  ). Fortunately the planet of love & harmony --Venus-- is making its annual transit through zodiacal Libra, which focuses energy toward creative synergies, at least unti November 9th. Mars enters Aquarius on the 28th of October and considering that it is UN day today, I imagine that the UN will have a role to play in world events again this November. I would like to mention a few of the planetary dances that are being played out this month before offering the day by day aspectarian that you are used to seeing here. The very challenging Saturn/Pluto opposition is exact once again on Halloween this month. It is as if all our past karma ( verbal, written, and mental thought forms) is coming back to collectively haunt us with a planetary trick or treat package wrapped by the pranksters in our midst. This opposition is much more than what we see happening at the moment with  the snatching away of  personal liberties and freedoms in favour of collective security measures. Saturn is the scrutiny end of this teeter-totter: Pluto is either the terrorist end of things or the misguided attempt to use subterfuge and espionage to re-establish law and order. We will likely see the next episode of this tug of war between December 3rd and 7th when the Sun will first oppose Saturn and then conjunct Pluto. On the 23rd of this month the North Node of the Moon shifted from Cancer to Gemini as the South Node moved back into Sagittarius from Capricorn. The Nodal axis of the Moon speaks of the flow of subconsious energy on the planet, our pool of collective karma, if you will. We will grow now by being in the moment and being flexible and creative with the use of language (Gemini);we will fall back into misfortune if we allow any religious belief system or tendancy toward self-righteousness run the show (Sagittarius).What we are up against at this time is a vast media distortion of reality bent along the magnetic field of the economic & political lines of force that have held power to this time. However, the extraordinary desire welling up in human beings to complete  cycles of violence and suffering is allowing for a great release of energy that will lead toward liberation.  The way that we exchange goods and services and information hangs in the balance at this time. We are either moving toward the Beastwith the embedded computer chip or a Planetary Barter Club that will serve to re-allocate our resources in a compassionate and just way. The Planet Jupiter is near the mid-point of Cancer where our neighbouring star Sirius resides. We are receiving a great deal of assistance from off-planet friends and neighbours in this Purification Time of ours. The benefit of this transit of Jupiter has to do with a great wave of heart-chakra opening and initiation during this time. Jupiter will bathe those trapped in the fear patterns related to personal security issues with the vaccine of love and compassion. A friend of mine recently forwarded a letter from a Gulf War Veteran who claimed that the health breakdown he suffered for some years was caused by an anthrax inocculation before the War. A gentle spray of thyme essential oil is the antidote  to anthrax according to this Veteran who is now recovering !!


Ok, enough with my astrological meanderings. You were hoping for something more  personally useful, mirthful and uplifting, I know. Or at least something esoteric and kabbalistic. So it goes like this: Pluto in Sagittarius should eventually open up the sphere of Da'at so that we might all become prophets and channel the Truth of what is happening. Saturn in Gemini offers us release from the tyrannies of the past by allowing the Divine Mother energy of Binah to infuse the air-waves. Jupiter in Cancer will bring us healing music & musicians with love in their hearts to bear upon the situation at hand. Jupiter rules what is called Tzeddaka in Hebrew, generosity of Spirit. Uranus and Neptune , the intuition and imagination, are broadcasting transpersonal and humanitarian solutions to our beleaguered planet this very moment. Venus is in Libra which brings friends and loved ones by for a visit. And as of the 28th , Mars will move into  Aquarius adding the power of positive synergy & synchronicity to the planetary dance. It looks like contact improv to me ! Or trance dancing with a few drunk kling-ons meandering about !

Oct. 25: Picasso's birthday I believe. I read in the World Weekly News that Picasso's creativity was released and cuhism conceived when he began to carve pumpkins for Parisiens.Moon conjuncts Uranus today. Whatever you do , do it differently...

Oct. 26: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces. Looks like a day to sip wine, take a hot tub, break out that new bottle of massage oil ( if you can't find it , you can order a Jitterbug Perfume from the website listed below! )

Oct. 27: Mars enters Aquarius. It is a good day to be with friends and create your zany new costume.

Oct. 28: DST ends and Moon goes into Aries. If you live anywhere near Spokane Washington, you can come for a great Egypt Evening  with belly-dance at the Glover Mansion 7-10 pm ( see website Gallery) If not, make yourself a falafel and wrestle with a few of your favourite dragons tonight.

Oct. 29:  When Sun squares Neptune, one must put one's visioneering to good use. Something you were about to discard or abandon has a value beyond your wildest imagination....If you rise early, you will see Mercury and Venus in the early morning sky....

Oct. 30: It is a day filled with dozens of little aha's and subtle realizations. And the planet Uranos goes direct. Whatever has been blocking you has a way open either around or through it now ! ( And you don't really need to know how to land that plane of yours , do you ? )

Oct. 31 : It's a full moon, it's a blue moon , it's a moon in Taurus. It's the Buddha's moon, I believe. Bless and release all the ignorance and suffering that is being played out here.

Nov. 1: All Saints Day. We will need all the saints we can find or who can find us to turn the tide of the karmic tide pool or the great tidal wave that is heading our way due to the Saturn-Pluto tug of war game. Some profound earth changes are knocking at the door...

Nov. 2 : Jupiter turns retrograde today as moon enters Gemini. Best to put your truest heart feelings on to paper & into the hands of someone who has been waiting a long time to hear from you...

Nov. 3: A sadness or sorrow may attempt to overwhelm you today. Best to breathe through it ...

Nov. 4 : A day for down-time , dream-time or a game of chance.

Nov. 5:  Moon is in Cancer today, conjuncting Jupiter tonight. Find that happy little family place inside your soul.

Nov. 6: I forgot to mention that Mars and Neptune fell in tight with one another yesterday. That means that the will and the imagination are working together. It's good for theatre people, bad for those on the battlefield. Forgiveness is what is called for today..

Nov.7 : Moon enters Leo and opposes the Neptune and the Mars. Today is like a psychodrama group where you get to play all the characters yourself. Without a grain of ego , identification or attachment. Bon chance....

Nov. 8:  Moon opposition Uranus allows one to break with emotional attachments and addictions. And Moon opposite Mars allows you to speak up and take action....( but the action may have come first !)

Nov. 9 : I personally love it when the moon enters Virgo & there is time to get organized & get clear of all the clutter. Time to empty out the in box..

Nov. 10:  There are some inner tensions and pressures today as the moon transits the midpoint of that Saturn/Pluto opposition. A dear Jesuit friend of mine once advised me that there are no either/or's in life, just both/ands. Good advise for today...

Nov. 11: Moon in Libra should bring a moment of peace in the eye of the storm ...

Nov. 12: Moon squares Jupiter, Sun squares Uranus...  a change of feelings and a sudden change of action...

Nov. 13 : Moon conjunts Venus tonight before it enters Scorpio. A  tidal wave of love from the great above and beyond....

Nov. 14 The new moon in Scorpio is a seed of truth that dissolves all illusions... With luck the next edition of Kan will arrive to illumine what lurks for the month to come. 

with light & love,


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