Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter for Nov.15
Dear Friends,
The New moon of November 15th had the keynote of a square to the planet Uranus so what we have this month is a tension point between the need for freedom & social justice ( Uranus in Aquarius) and the behind the scenes shuffling the deck by those who like to hold power. We are sandwiched between blue moons until the full moon of Nov.30th. It is a pressure cooker situation, at least until the sun enters Sagittarius, the day before American thanksgiving. And as I mentioned in the last Kan , there is a particularily potent portal coming up between Dec.3rd and Dec.6th, between the time when the Sun is opposed Saturn and conjunct Pluto. This is the time when the pressure cooker will need to whistle or the lid will fly off. I am heading out the door of the dome early tomorrow morning for Vancouver, so let me offer you the most concise fortune cookie style aspectarian for the month to come:
 Nov. 16:Moon opposes Saturn & conjuncts Pluto today. Time to focus on what is truly most important to you...
Nov. 17: The Leonids meteor shower is in full swing. It is the anniversary of the arrival of ancestors from the Pleiades. If you are near Vancouver tonight, consider joining us for an Egypt dinner and slide show at Mona's Lebanese Kitchen 6-10pm.
Nov.18:Moon is in capricorn, pulling in the good vibrations from Jupiter in Cancer. Tribal reunions are possible today.
Nov. 19: A day for writers and activists with Mars squaring Mercury.
Nov.20 : Time to do a giveaway to those in need with moon conjunct neptune today.
Nov.21: Emotions run high today and there is a chance to break free from chronic emotional patterns...
Nov.22: Thanksgiving with moon in Pisces. If you are a turkey eater, beware of an overdose of tryptophan. It makes you very, very sleepy !
Nov.23: Moon squares both Saturn and Pluto. Best to stay neutral and not take sides in any family squabble.
Nov.24: Time out for some solitude and a recharge of the batteries.
Nov.25:  Venus squares Uranus. Venus is posessive in Scorpio, Uranus is impersonal in Aquarius. Consider liquidating a cherished possession or asset this week.
Nov.26 Anything goes today, so best to focus the mind and visualize before you let your arrows fly..
Nov.27: No-where to go but the hot tub or the massage table when moon enters taurus.
Nov.28: I like to celebrate William Blake's birthday by contemplating one of his proverbs: if the fool would persist in his/her folly he/she would become wise ! Or so we hope...
Nov.29: Paul Simon wrote a cute little ditty" i'd rather be a hammer than a nail, if I could, I surely would..." Try to get that one out of headlines today...
Nov.30: Full moon on that Saturn/Pluto tightrope that is strung between Gemini and Sagittarius. Something big comes to a head today.
Dec.1: If we are lucky, the planet Venus just might invite a few angels from Alpha Centauri to visit Earth today & bathe us in the violet ray. That would help..
Dec.2: Watch your dreams tonght for signs of things to come...
Dec.3: I have an expatriot friend overseas who used to say that karma was nature's way of giving us a second, third or thousandth chance to learn a lesson. Best to see karma as a friend & teacher today..
Dec.4: An acupuncturist who reads Kan now and again pointed out that the saying " May you live in interesting times" was actually a Chinese curse rather that the blessing that optimistic new-agers think it is.. As the kids these days say: " whatever'....
Dec.5: If I wanted to make a little extra gelt for Hanukkah, I would call my broker & shortsell whatever is in the account today...
Dec.6 : The market usually tumbles twice on a day when both mercury and the sun conjunct Pluto. Let us pray for healing and purification all day today.
Dec.7 : Earthquakes are considered by some to be  a very positive release of tension . Gaia's chiropractor may be busy this week.
Dec.8: Thanks God. The moon enters libra today. Mars takes a vacation in Pisces. Birsts fly south. Butterflies arrive in Mexico.
Dec. 9: A day to do nothing but focus on restoring harmony...
Dec.10: Light the first candle. Spin the dreidle. Cleanse the temple of the colonizers. Happy Hanukkah!
Dec,11: Beware the broody, moody moon in scorpio and remember to be gratefiul for all that you have been given.
Dec.12: Venus makes a quinqunx to Jupitor soon.. Best to refrain from impulse buying and marriage proposals today.
Dec.13: When moon conjuncts both Venus and Pluto, it is time to contemplate that which is of enduring value and the nature of true love. Money and love are mixed like oil and water today.
Dec.14: The New Moon Solar Eclipse is the harbinger of what I like to call the Great Galactic Alignment. Consider joining the author of Kan in Sedona for the Sedona Stargate Seminar  Dec.18-23rd . May the Force be with you....
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