Your Zodiac Oracle
Nov.-Dec. 2008
with Joseph-Mark Cohen 

Prelude: When the Sun is in Scorpio we begin a journey through  the deep dark recesses of our being to retrieve the light that is cloaked at the end of the tunnel!
There is a huge paradigm shift happening on the planet this month. A failing empire is about to expire or flare up like a neutron star. Earthkeepers choose to put ecological concerns ahead of economic ones. We had best cultivate attitudes of appreciation, gratitude & compassion to navigate the troubled waters..

Portals: Pluto--- Lord of the Underworld, ruler of the mineral kingdom & the rites of passage for death/rebirth initiations--- will be crossing the border from Sagittarius to Capricorn on Nov. 27th. Uranus will go direct at 19 degrees Pisces the day after. There are 2 potent portals of note this month: Venus conjunct Pluto on Nov. 12th (the full moon).On Nov. 15th Mars conjuncts neighbouring Alpha Centauri. The first date portends a political kidnapping or yet another financial fiasco; the second hints at etheric aid coming to our planet from an ET or angelic group of guardians! Best to befriend what the Buddhists refer to as shunyata-- the emptiness, plenum-void at the heart of Creation... Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Dec.12th, the Sun conjuncts Pluto on the Winter Solstice. The portal for planetary rebirth, the Shift, the Bump (as David Wilcock calls it) opens wider in December. Best to invest in creative & consciousness assets! You can join your Zodiac Oracle in Sedona for  Sedona Stargate Dec.19-24th or the Kabbalah 2012 retreat between Dec.26-31st...

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Zodiac Oracles for November/December...

The wind you imagined was behind your sail may have vanished, the funds you were sure you had access to may be frozen, but your joyful heart is still beating boldly, is it not ??

Taurus: That full moon on Nov. 12th is what we could call a pivotal moment in your life. You will peer into what the Great Mystery has in store for you & let go of illusions & attachments that no longer match your soul contract.

Gemini: If you followed your oracluar advice last month you will have a journal filled with writings, scriblings, sketches, jokes, recipes, love notes, to-do lists & self-satire. So what can you do but become the editor of your grand collage...

Cancer:  You  have chosen to wear blinders in order to accomplish some cherished desire or tricky task. Well the time has come for you to tackle the truth without regret or self-pity or delusional pride.  And easy on the comfort foods, my dear!

Leo: Face it. You are being pushed by Spirit into corners that you have never bothered to explore or even imagine. You have two astro allies helping out: Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius, teachers of the art of letting go. So surrender, already..

Virgo:  You are being called by friends & family to hold the rudder of the ship through stormy waters. You are the referee of a battle going on between the forces of tradition & innovation.  So sing with Paul Simon: "like a bridge over troubled waters.... I will lay me down.".

Libra:   Your heart has been a tad timid to let the ones you care about know of your love & caring & the desire in your soul for union & communion. So, while economies collapse & the worldly ones freak out, you might just come out of hiding & give voice to your passionate  & prophetic nature... 

Scorpio: What can a mere mortal astrological oracle say to a death defying Scorpio who is game to gamble it all on the role of the dice. Well, just be aware that we live in a time when "there is a crack in everything, that's how the Light gets in".

Sagittarius: A group of beings known as the Hathors have delivered a message recently that suggests that an appreciation for the small blessings in life will serve to offset the chaos & turbulence that is overtaking the world as we know it.  This may help you size down your wanderlust & winter travel plans.....

Capricorn: You have had the good fortune now for some months to be the landlord for the planet Jupiter, which spends about a year in your sign. Well later this month that potent little planetoid, Pluto, will be knocking at your door. It's trick or treat from now on...

Aquarius: You are the one that Spirit is trusting to take the pulse of that dying empire & put the New World agenda to bed... You are the medium for a message that needs to be heard. You are the magician's apprentice learning to conjure cosmos out of the chaos...(if you choose to do it!) 

Pisces: If you should  find yourself on stormy seas, by all means, jump off the Titanic. If your motorboat springs a leak, snuggle up to a kayak.. If your kayak should become unstable, do your best eskimo roll & be thankful.  Blessed are the Pisces who adapt to the chaos with gratitude & grace!

Oct.10, 2008, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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