Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter   May 28, 2002
Dear Friends,
                      Once again we are suspended between eclipses, the recent full moon eclipse on the 26th at 5 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius and the upcoming new moon solar eclipse on June 10th at 20 degrees of Gemini. And mercury is retrograde right up until June 8th. I have noticed that my nighttime dreaming has intensified as often happens between eclipses.It seems I am still assimilating the experiences of the recent Starseed Egypt Journey that offered my pod of journeyers a vast array of meditation opportunities and altered states of consciousness. The highlights of the journey included private entrances for meditations both between the paws of the Sphinx and the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid plus a fabulous joyful dolphin swim with  the Nuweiba dolphin Ulli and her new little one. Relatives and acquaintances of tour group members all expressed concern over the trip to Egypt at a time when the tensions in the mideast are running high. If fact, at the very moment we were meditating & chanting in the Pyramid--Mubarak, Assad & Abdullah were meeting in Sharm-el-Sheikh to conjure up a statement for Ariel Sharon. But what I want to convey to readers of Kan is that the hospitality and the healing energies available in Egypt were as high as ever, even if security measures ( police escorted conveys to temple sites) might crimp visiting access to sites a touch. I may post a more detailed Egypt report in the  EgyptGallery section of www.treeoflifeschool.com   in the near future. I also invite those starseed journeyers to submit any great photos of the journey that you might like to have posted on the gallery. I plan to offer the Egypt Journey again next spring from March 17 to Apr.2, 2003.
Now, back to the astrological transits at hand.We are in the final phase of the Saturn -Pluto opposition that has been influencing our planet since the 911 event. As I write this, Saturn is at 17 degrees Gemini, Pluto at 17 degrees of Sagittarius. If there is what astrologers like to call a trigger for this opposition, it will happen between June 6th and 8th when the sun conjuncts Saturn and opposes Pluto ( which is transiting the south node of the Moon and bringing centuries of karma to the surface ). In western transpersonal astrology symbolism, we have the an intense power struggle going on between a number of self-righteous clans. And the tug-of-war that has ensued has put the planet into a jar of right wing pickle juice that is being marinated by the media ! Kabbalistic Astrology takes a slightly different view of these two planets. Saturn is the ruler of the sphere of Binah or Understanding. Saturn in associated with the Shabbat and the  Great Mother according to the Kabbalah. So with Saturn in Gemini we have chance to access the planetary archive & make a tikkun or correction to our collective language so that we speak inclusively & objectively. Pluto, on the other hand is the ruler of the sphere of Da'at in the Kabbalah. Da'at means experiential knowledge in Hebrew, it is the sphere where we meet what has been called the dweller on the threshold, and undergo an ego-death experience that casts us in to the Void. For the sake of Purification and Renewal and the opening of our creativity and our throat chakra to the Transpersonal Realm. So we had best stand up as Co-creators and planetary script-writers at this time and invite all our friends in other realms who influence these matters to cool out the sabre rattling between India and Pakistan, asap! Once we make it through to the Summer Solstice, it should be clear sailing. And the good news before the 10th of June Solar Eclipse is a Venus Jupiter conjunction in Cancer that should bring love & compassion to the fore in the world of the arts and music ( like the World Sacred Music Festival in Fez, Morocco).
        I have had more that a few requests for a return to the day by day aspectarian approach to Kan. Perhaps this can happen in the next Newsletter which should cover  from Summer Solstice to Autumn Equinox. For the moment, I want to close by offering you an invitation to a few upcoming events. I will be offering a 5 day retreat on Alchemical Healing at the Crystal Dome between June 26th and June 30th. This is an eclectic and informal session with an introduction to Alchemy in a variety of forms: elixirs and elixir making, the alchemical process in meditation as introduced by the Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan during the '70s, alchemical astrology and ritual and ceremonial gateways, plus a taste of teachings from both chinese alchemy and a dash of tantra ! I have even invited a dear friend of mine who has created gold to share her story as a practical alchemist at this retreat. Please call me at 250-229-2227 if this retreat is one you wish to attend.
      I will be visiting Toronto, Canada once again for joyful personal reasons between July 10-17th. I will be offering both Kabbalistic Astrology sessions and interviews for the Tree-of-Life School which is scheduled to begin in Toronto in late September. You can find the course outline for the School posted on the website along with the annual Summer School program that takes place this year from August 22-31st. The Summer School offers you a training program in Polarity Therapy, Crystal & Sound Healing,   Merkavah LightBodywork & Vibrational Medicine each morning, daytrips to local sacred sites around Lake Kootenay each afternoon , plus experiential sessions in Kabbalistic Astrology, Meditation & Healing each evening. This is a residential program limited to 8 participants.
Wishing you great light between the eclipses!
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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