Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter    May 26, 2003
  Dear Kan Recipients,
              As i have just recently returned from California and am leaving today for Toronto, Montreal & London Ontario, I will keep this Kan brief and to the astrological point. We are presently between eclipses, the lunar eclipse having taken place on May 15th at 25 degrees of Scorpio and the upcoming Solar Eclipse to take place on May 30th on the 9 degrees of Gemini New Moon. This particular Zodiac degree is associated with the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaron. The new moon offers us a chance to make new beginnings in the communications & publishing realm. It should  release a great outpouring of creative energy that has been psychically locked up for much of the spring. The big planetary news that is upon us is two-fold. First, the arrival of Saturn in Cancer on June 4th for a 2 1/2 year transit. This will be quite challenging for the United States and its president, both of whom will have the Saturn transit passing over the sun. This is a once in every 29 year transit that is a sobering one. I will write more about this one in the next Kan issue but would refer you to the most recent Mountain Astrologer if your curiosity should overwhelm you. The other unpredictable event in our solar system is what is called Mars perihelion which is the time that the planet Mars comes closest to the sun and to the earth for that matter. This happens on August 29th and the popular prognosticator Sean Morton feels that America is in danger of another attack in the two weeks before or after this date. Saturn in Cancer is certainly a time when human beings become acutely aware of the value of home & family, so it looks like we will have a continent of homebodies for the next couple of years !
Your astrologer doesn't exactly fit into this catagory & I trust that the vast majority of the Kan list are a daring and adventurous lot who are game to journey at the drop of a hat. So if you are interested in joining me in a journey to Glastonbury for the Crop Circle Conference July 24-30, send me an e mail & I will get back to you with the details. I had the good fortune to visit the very first 7 sided geometrical formation some years ago & the experience was both joyous and ecstatic. Who knows what the Circlemakers have in store for us this year ?
That's all for now folks. Do check out the new links on the website & we will take a deeper look at that Saturn in Cancer transit next issue.
Joseph-Mark Cohen 
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