Your Zodiac Oracle 
   May-June 2008
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Prelude:   The merry month of May begins with Venus entering Taurus & Mercury dancing through Gemini beginning May 3rd. The new moon on the 5th occurs at the potent 16th degree of Taurus. This degree symbolizes border crossings, dividing lines, & a rescue remedy of sorts! The outer planets, Pluto, Saturn (& by late May, Neptune) all go retrograde as seen from Earth . Saturn retracing its path in early Virgo gives us a chance to look at the fine print & do some copyediting of our personal script. Pluto retracing that first degree of Capricorn (and slipping  back into Sag. from mid June to late Nov.) will  prepare us for the Shift, the Great Financial Restructuring, & the Time Compression Tsunami Wave leading up to 2012. 
Portals:  Portal days are pivotal turning points where changes of heart and mind are likely to occur. They may precipitate visible 3d planetary newsworthy events or they may be perceived as personal power points for your conscious realization. On May 10th Jupiter goes retrograde as Mars enters Leo: a portal for passionate creativity. The full moon of May 19th is  called Wesak when the higher harmonics of heart & mind are intertwined. The Sun is conjunct the Pleiades that day. The New Moon of June 3rd is conjunct Venus, a day for book launchings & artistic celebrations. The full moon of June 16 (Bloomsday for the Irish)  is conjunct the Galactic Center, big news brewing from the Prime Directive. Sun opposes Pluto on the Summer Solstice June 20th. Could forebode a west coast tidal wave and/or another economic tsunami!
Zodiac Oracles for May
Aries: Yes it is time to fine tune your bicycle, repair your motorbike, & get you Chinese kite out of storage. The winds will be wild & your spirit of adventure is high. But do be aware of the cloaked radar. No need to attract expensive speeding tickets!
Taurus:  Your birthday this year warrants a celebration of your stick-to- itiveness. You have a big project in mind this year that requires all that the once & future planet Pluto can provide: passion, empowerment, persistance, patience & portals of opportunity... (not to mention, investment capital!)
Gemini: Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde from May 27-June 20. You could enter a period of inner retreat to assess your strengths & weaknesses, assets & liabilities, what promises to keep & what apologies to offer for those that are beyond you. Just be honest & speak from your heart...
Cancer:   You are up in arms about something you may not be able to change. You could get politically motivated (notice the change of heart & strategy emanating from the Dalai Lama)  but that might just burn out your adrenal gland. You could also turn inward, ingest some holy basil & birth a pearl out of the grit.. Your choice...

Leo:  It is time for you to get on your horse & ride! Mars is in Leo from May 19-July  2. Letting go of pride is the key to your great new foolish adventure. What others think or feel about you should not matter to you in the least. Unless some leftover you know what or who gets in the way!

  Virgo:  You are doing all the dishes for your housemates, are you not? No need to be the domestic diva when spring is in the air. Put on your gardening gloves, dig in the good earth, mix those heirloom seeds with your saliva. Plant your garden at Taurus New Moon on Cinco de Mayo.(May 5). 

Libra:   Finally! The phone is ringing & lovers who disappeared are getting back in touch & begging for your favours. You will be invited to all the pot luck dinners, art openings, open houses, networking gatherings, & media events. You will even be able to pay off a credit card or two!..  

Scorpio: When spring comes, you tend to get a bit skittish. It is quite an adjustment to throw off the cloak of melancholy, to let go of the wounds of your soul, to allow a new ray of light to enter your cavernous, carnivorous soul! The water may still be cold, but go swimming already...

 Sagittarius: You are feeling much happier now that you have let go of the ghosts that have been haunting you for some years, if not lifetimes. You are free to travel to your heart's content. The hell with the price of gas, right? Hitchhiking, ridesharing, last minute surprise travel is way more fun!

Capricorn: That knock on the door of your heart from death defying Pluto has you thinking about the big picture. It is your attitude & your energy that will allow you, like a spawning salmon, to swim upstream & leap over the waterfalls. I want to see the DVD to watch how you do it!   

Aquarius:  When big earth changes to the coastlines are imminent, when your neighbours begin to ask you for acupuncture, herbal remedies & raw food recipes, when passing strangers begin to ask about your off the grid thin film solar panels--then you know that all that time in the transit lounge has just been an opportunity for meditation & compassion...    

Pisces:  Have you remembered to water the rosemary, unplug your housemate's cell phones, return the calls you promised to return, replenish what is missing in your pantry, & meditate on what you, and only you, can do to bring the joy & beauty you long for back to your core??
If love is the answer, then what was the question??  

April 21, 2008, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen   

Joseph-Mark Cohen is a kabbalistic astrologer, novelist, sound healer & tour guide to planetary sacred sites. Be sure to visit his website for Portals 2008 & upcoming journeys to Manitoulin Island ( June 17-22), the UK Crop Circles( July 24-Aug.4) & Ireland (Aug.7-18).  You can book astrological consults via his e-mail or call 1-888-633-2214...