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Crop Circle Oracle

Zodiac Oracles
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
March-April 2010

Prelude: The Year of the Metal Tyger has begun! Whether you are a tyger or a rabbit, a moose or a mouse, a carnivore or a raw foodist, this year will change your game plan & offer you enormous opportunities for what biblical scholars & fellow astrologer Rob Brezny call Metanoia: A big change of mindset.
I was reading a channeling of Kryon recently that skirted the big 2012 : Earth Changes or Ascension debate that is raging on the Internet these days. I liked what I read about a consciousness revolution happening in Iran & the eventual arrival of Cat Stevens Peace Train in the Mideast & a temple project funded by a Hebrew/Islamic coalition! Already Kuwaiti oil moghuls are investing huge sums of moola into renewable utilities, knowing that the oil era is over. I wish that the the CEOs of those attempting to pillage the Alberta tar sands would get up to speed this year & leave that watershed for creatures that need it.



The Year of the Tyger says that it is time to put all our ecological crimes into cryogenic storage. Soon we will all realize that Global Warming is convenient cover-up to another agenda & that this next Solar Maximum will show us what is in store for Earthlings in the time of the Shift. So hang on to your hat, your short term memory, your old silver coin collection, your gardening tools & your sense of cosmic humour!


Here come those spring oracles:



Aries: It is very unwise to drive your vehicle with one foot on the accelerator & the other on the brake (not to mention that hand that is holding your cell phone!) Saturn is still back-pedalling in early Libra, so slow down. Mars in Leo has you living in future-mind. Your oracle: No Mind is where it's at!


Taurus: That square from Leo may catapult you into some unwanted argument with someone who has what you could call "jealousy issues". Forget what Spock called "cowboy diplomacy" & realize that you might not be able to charm or sweet-talk your way out either. Just apologize!


Gemini: Being double-minded & eternally youthful & adaptable has its advantages, even a quotient of charisma. Unfortunately, it can land you in to a number of uncomfortable double-bind situations. I suggest you call in Houdini as your Spirit Guide!


Cancer: Yes, your priorites are in order. You are aligned with the Tao. You are a master of re-cycling. You are truly empathic & know what is in the highest & best interest of those you love. One little catch: You need to take much better care of yourself. This goes way beyond stress-reduction or a trip to the Day Spa!


Leo: Whether you were born in the Tyger Year or just feel like a feline cousen, no matter. Be bold, be daring. Go to the gambling table. Hedge your bets. Sense when synchronicity is calling. An astrocartographic re-alignment could bring in a windfall!


Virgo: I think you took that transit of Saturn in Virgo far to seriously. It is not your job to solve what only time can heal. And you may as well toss out whatever Big Pharma or the media has been stuffing in your in-box. Love & homeopathy are all that it takes to cure the incurables!


Libra: Finally, all those Rumi poems you have been receiving from the ethers are beginning to make sense! Your heart is preparing to hatch a whole new harvest of superfoods for your Light body... Follow your Bliss is more than an LA bumpersticker!


Scorpio: Know that there is a time to buy & a time to sell. A time to sue & a time to surrender. A time to fly high & a time to lie low.
Well, it is time now for you to let go of your addictions. And only you know where they are hiding!


Sagittarius: Jupiter ( your astro-ruler) & Uranus are still holding court in Pisces. This is helping you to dissolve the mirages you have been seeing & letting you find the truth & the joy of the Present Moment. Your elixir is: Gratitude!


Capricorn: You have spent your whole life climbing a mountain like a goat, going your own winding way, knowing that you would likely come out on top. Well, you have made it to the 49th gate. Better chew a few coco leaves & take a few deep breathes.
You are not there yet!


Aquarius: Yes, you are a nexus for all the change agents of the Universe. You are tuned to the New Realities Channel. You know how to make the ultimate chocolate. You have a 1001 friends. Everyone enjoys your company. But have you found your Beloved???


Pisces: That great planet of Transformation, Uranus, will be leaving your sign soon after turning you upside-down & inside- out. And now Jupiter is your house guest & you want to expand: buy those lottery tickets, share your hunches with those who need your help, heal the handicapped, etc.. Better you should go within & learn how to keep your promises! In the beginning was the Word: No More Vacillation for you (or there will be trouble!)


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