Astrology Newsletter
& Your Zodiac Oracle    April.17 2007
Prelude:The Planetary Dance for May Day and beyond is a metis mix of magic and mischief. The new moon of April 17th is conjunct the Andromeda Galaxy, our dreaming twin which the Milky Way is planning to merge with, one cosmic day. The Wesak full moon on May 2nd brings in the energies of the Buddha to help planet Earth and earthlings get a grip on earth changes and the compassionate way to deal with the high pitched frequency shifts we are experiencing. A recent channeling from Kryon (by Lee Carroll) views this year as a year of completion, the finishing up of all that needs to be completed to prepare for 2012. Your Zodiac Oracle agrees, looking towards the upcoming Pluto/Jupiter conjunction next December as the positive infusion we have been invoking since 1987. So plant your garden with seeds of peace and plenty and let the hungry ghosts devour all those bizarre greedy terminator seeds and leftover karmas.
Portals: The Jupiter in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces is presenting a full mezza buffet of  appetizers. Choosing what to take in for nourishment and what to leave behind is the challenge. The glitch is that quincunx from Saturn in Leo. That means the anchor/guardian of tradition is tugging a war with Uranus, the innovator in Pisces. Could make us all a tad accident prone. Best to follow the Sufi advice and hurry slowly, if you hurry at all. Venus in Gemini till May 8th yields a harvest of delightful spring flirtations and affairs of the heart, given Mars meandering through Pisces. May 19th is the portal of the month with Sun opposing Pluto. This one is volcanic!

Zodiacal Oracles for May

Aries: Ok, now that we have gotten that big birthday bash accomplished and the relatives are back at safe telephone distance, you can take a breather. You are the benefactor of Jupiter and Saturn in your fellow fire signs. You might be able to find financial support for your brilliant new project(s). I know that it is dangerous to advise an Aries to " just go for it", so just hurry slowly...
Taurus: Yes it is true, I am asking you to share your birthday this month with the Buddha. I also suggest a series of long loving aromatherapuetic massages, some sacral-cranial treatments, and a visit to some out of the way hot spring for a romantic rendez-vous. With whom, you may ask. Well, I give you the green light to initiate a water sign to your new style of Watsu. Oh, one more thing: wear an emerald or a chrysocolla stone.
Gemini: You have until May 8th to enjoy the transit of Venus in Gemini. This happens for but a brief moment and you must be a strategic opportunist to take advantage of all that the Great Mystery has in store to peak your curiosity. And yes what goes around comes around again but it takes time. So sieze the moment and dance up a storm... ( Say yes to new business offers that feel just right)

Cancer:  What leaves Gemini behind is sure to pay a visit to you. Venus in Cancer is a good thing for sailors, chefs, travellers to the Mediterranean, costume designers, dreamweavers, singers and all those who have a dream in their heart and tenderness emanating from the fingertips. What you have longed for since always is now within reach. Let go of expectations, memories of ancient wounds, fear of the New... Birth a new you!!

Leo:  You are the heart of what we call: the fixed cross. Your zodiacal polarity Aquarius is there to teach you how to let go of your egoic identity and allow Spirit to inspire you, moment by moment. To one side stands the Taurean ox or the goddess Hathor, encouraging you to sing from your heart. On the other, you find a Scorpionic ally pointing to the phoenix nest, showing you how to let go of  attachment to all that you have carefully crafted. Let your children go...

Virgo: Yes you are a mutable. This means you have an easier time than most of changing direction with the new wind coming in from the coast. You can see the value of every path. You are aware that the Tao that is spoken is not the real Tao. Your nervous system may have stored up more than its fare share of nervosity and unrefined chi recently. I suggest a visit to your local acupuncturist. Ask for a "Windows to the Sky" treatment.
Libra:  You are the quintessential Venusian lover of harmony and beauty. There are times when your heart can open so wide that
in your wild imaginal way you actually believe that you have become the one you love. You feel another's feelings, think another's thoughts and walk in a funny way in another's sandals or hiking boots. In these Venusian moments you are designed to write poetry or channel music. It is your destiny..

Scorpio: In that crazy cycle of death and rebirth, one occasionally gets stuck in the initiatory birth canal where the oxygen is thin and there is very little room to move. You actually enjoy wiggling your way out of tight spaces, do you not? Whether they be financial, emotional or spiritual, you like to find your own unique way out of a no way out situation.  If you have a friend nearby who is game to DVD your antics, marketing such a thing should not be a problem...

Sagittarius: For some months now I have been encouraging you to archive your adventures and prepare your PowerPoint presentation for all those to see who have not activated that adventurous, rebel-rousing, foolhardy, dare-devil, mischievous spirit that is at the core of your wanderlusty spirit. You are a tour guide for those who dream but do not do. And the world is willing to pay you handsomely to do what you do. But you must archive, document and market it all, so says your Oracle...

Capricorn:  I have a confession to make. In all the years that I have been watching your comings and going, doings and don'tings, buyings and sellings, buildings and demolishings, I have yet to figure out a question that a Buddhist friend of mine always asks:
What is your motivation? And there are other echo questions that  tag along, like: What are you trying to prove and to whom? You have the answers within you, Capricorn....
Aquarius:  It will take up until the Summer Solstice for Neptune in Aquarius to make an exact opposition to Saturn in Leo. This is a crossroads that is much bigger than a little fork in the road. It does not allow for a Uturn. Nor will it make you famous on YouTube. There is a big realization steeping in the tea-pot of your soul this month. Like a frog on the lily pad, you are beginning to croak, before taking your grand leap into the Void....
Pisces:  I have consulted all the oracles available at this moment for you. The runes say that joy is the way. Your angel card is Raziel, the angel of the deepest secrets. You animal card is the Lynx, a very quiet creature that knows the secrets of all it meets. The Tarot arcana for you is Temperence, the one that helps you conquer addictions like liquor or shyness or kindness when tough love is required. Take a shot of vodka and speak your truth, Pisces. Then go for your rescue remedy!

April 17, 2007, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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