Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter August 15th

An ancient light illumines the dream of all that is

we can open the windows of the ark rejoice in our heart

eight herkimer diamonds pulsing light through a dancing kohhav daveed

144,000 priests & priestesses of Malki-tzedek anchoring a new light

humans who have tasted enlightenment swaying in a field of sunflowers

Tlahuhizkalpantekhutli is shedding his skin

from Aleph 2160 degree 144 of A Zodiac Oracle

Prelude: It has been 17 years now since the planetary festival of Harmonic Convergence in 1987. And that younger brother or shadow side of Quetzalcoatal is still shedding skins ! Venus has visibly crossed the surface of our sun for all whotook note. And the report is that we have entered the galactic underworld and we have more solar flares, turbulent hurricanes & strange currents to weather in the not to distant future. I received a channeled messagea few days ago( via the e mail ) that the next three days ( till the 18th) were ones where we would be left to our own resources without the help of the Masters who watch over us from the palpable but invisible dimensions nearby ! Taking away our training wheels, I gather. We are in resonance now with a time of annointing, restoration, re-structuring, resurrection, ascension, purification -- each tribe has its own way of describing the undescribable events that are about to take place on our planet.And it becomes more challenging to really perceive the symbolic script for the shifts coming our way from the mirror or the mandala of planetary design. Hubble has opened our eyes to a host of celestial events since the 1987 supernova and we swim in a sea of quarks and quasars whose influence falls into the folio of The Great Mystery. So all that we can do now is dissolve the fear patterns and resonate with the ancient light and the boundless love available to us in this season of human &planetarytransmutations....

The Outer Planets can give us some inkling of what is going on. Pluto will be making a station on the 30th of August at the20th degree of Sagittarius. Aleph 2160 hints that we should send light to Mount Moriah during this station. We can keep our hearts and our ears open to profound archeological finds that will alter our understanding of history. Neptune is presently retrograding back thru the 14th degree of Aquarius which this zodiac oracle proclaims to be a powerful worm-hole at the core of a black hole where all created beings are asked to dance with the Void. It's a very dramatic degree ! The good news is that the one we call Metatron is there to guide us through the chaotic birth canal... Uranus is also making a retrograde appearance or sailing back over the 6th degree of Pisces. This degree speaks of the descent to Sheol, the place of deep soul questioning, the heart cave where only we can go, to know the workings of the inner recesses of our being. Not the easiest degree of the zodiac, to be sure, this one, resonant with Yeshua's famous quote from King David's 22nd psalm: ayli, ayli, lama azavtani ? So if we are feeling a tad forsaken as a planet, these days, we had best realize that the even the most enlightened caterpiller does a bit of kvetching en route to becoming a butterfly !

The good news at this time is the quick pace at which our friend, bodyguard, guru & bearer of glad tidings, Jupiter, is moving thru Virgo en route to Libra on the 26th of September and then onwards to the Supergalactic Centre and a conjunction with the red planet Mars. This is a rare syzygy between the planets that rule gevurah and hessed, will and love, boundary and empathy, strength & compassion on the Tree of Life. This transit of Jupiter thru Virgo has the author of Kan working away daily at bringing Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle from its nest in cyberspace to the printing press and to CD form. So I will forgo the sun sign appetizers and fortune cookies this month as we all need to bake our own affirmations and clear the pathways to that which we desire to create. May all the snafus be absorbed and absolved in that black hole in Aquarius and may the ancient/new light that is coming our way bring us the human upgrade thatour souls long for at this time !

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Aug.15, 2004, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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