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 Oct. 4  Solar Eclipse New Moon at 11 degrees of Libra

 Jewish New Year 5766


It is traditional for kabbalists to meditate on the calendar year at the time of the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashannah. The 5700 part converts to the Hebrew letters hay-sheen-tav, hasheet or the foundation. The 66 is the gematria of the word gilgal, wheel or cycle. From this we might gather that the year to come is laying the foundation for a new cosmic time cycle, a new turn of the wheel at a higher rung of the spiral. One teacher of mine pointed out that there was an unusual discrepancy in the biblical account of the number of years the Hebrew people spent in the Sinai peninsula. She deduced that there were 230 or 235 years missing from the count. That means that the real Hebrew year may be something like 5996, just four years away from the beginning of the 7th Millenium. This puts the timing much closer to the Mayan calendar count that has 2012 as the time of the great perceptual shift in human consciousness. I was at a presentation of Deepak Chopra a few nights ago where he spoke eloquently of the imaginal cells in the caterpillar that hold the coding and the seeds for the butterfly that emerges after the great metamorphosis. The calendar timing for this may actually be in the portal between 2012 and 2017, if the ascension process moves smoothly without malevolent interference. So this year is a year to attune and align with the wisdom and the magic of those imaginal cells in the caterpillar of human consciousness that Deepak brings to our attention. I interpret the hay-sheen-tav as a suite of 5 shevareem- teruah's, or 5 sharp shofar blasts that are symbolic of the 5 sudden earth changes or water-related shocks that the Mayan's predicted for this year. These five sharp blasts are for the purpose of awakening those who are yet asleep to the new dream for the Earth, the New Earth that is being formed in this time of planetary metamorphosis. And the gilgal  hints of the sheen or the Shehhinah vibration that enters in at the crown chakra to balance the hemispheres of the brain with the frequencies of a new electromagnetic spectrum.  On the Tree-of-Life, this is the pathway that connects and balances the spheres of hohhmah and  binah.

The degree for the recent new moon at 11 degrees of Libra yields the following poem from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle:

We are on a journey    ne'esoph    gather us

into the core    raysheet    of our being

body breath mind    ma'alot       all in orbit

around one           non-dimensional source

the origin of our Universe    makom     our oneness

let us die before death     tikuma    let us resurrect now....


And I just a received  a bulletin from NASA that astronomers are planning to peer into the black hole at the core of our Milky Way Galaxy this year. What they will find there may be a great surprise to all of us, with the possible exception of Leonard Nimoy, or Spock from Star Trek!


So what can we do to nurture those imaginal cells that hold the template of our unimaginal future selves? I asked this question as a divination from the 72 divine names or the 72 heart petals as I have come to call them. The triplet or 3 letter code to meditate upon appears to be  Ayin - Lammed - Mem. The author of the 72 Names of God Meditation Deck suggests that this phrase is about eliminating negative thoughts and opening to the gentle radiance of spiritual Light. The word Olam  can be translated as Universe. The Ayin is the letter that puts deep roots into the physical world of our doings, the Assiah world. The Lammed opens our hearts to the ladder that connects us to the Elohim, the co-creators. And the final Mem is about our collective community, our ecosystem, the biosphere we inhabit. So I like to call this healing vibration the one known as The Violet Flame, the power of transmutation.  


The guidance I am receiving this New Year is to invite you to participate in a weekly meditation at a particularily potent moment for healing each week. If you feel the calling to be a regular participant in a Planetary Kabbalistic Healing Group, kindly send me an e-mail with your phone number and the best time to reach you. I will likely choreograph the groups into minyans or Trees-of-Light that will be called into service for radiatory healings or distant healing of all kinds...


May this year 5766 be a good year, a sweet year, a year of peace, a year of health and healing, a year of harmony & balance, and surely a year to remember!

with blessings & light,




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