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 Sept. 28 New Moon at 7 degrees of Libra

 Jewish New Year   Rosh HaShannah  5769


"Look!    a dervish unfolding his arms    slowly beginning to swirl   like one

of the ophaneem    come now   whoever you are   come even if you have broken

your vows   a thousand times    come open the ear of your heart   call in

Malahhay Elohim    the dervish unfolds   his wings   like a bird     tilts

his head back     and whirls    swirls      to the sound of a reed

torn from its bed    tuning his friends     to the Hall    of Celestial Sound"


It is traditional for kabbalists to meditate on the calendar year at the time of the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashannah. The 5700 part converts to the Hebrew letters hay-sheen-tav, hasheet or the foundation. The 69 is the gematria of the word deenah, the sister of the 12 sons of Jacob. Kabbalistically Deenah is a stand-in for the Shehhinah, the feminine face of the Divine. She was not treated well in the biblical myth, to say the least. Her name also resonates with the sphere of Din or Gevurah on the Tree of Life. So this year will be one where gevurah, innner strength, power, self-mastery will be called forth from each of us to deal with the chaos that is swirling about. The micro poem for the 187th degree of the Zodiac is a short u-tube style video of Rumi swirling slowly into divine ecstasy. A re-alignment with the celestial Pole-Star, one could say. Those 2 Hebrew letters samehh-tet give us a picture of a spiral vortex approaching the Earth. We are on the runway to whatever is stored for us in 2012. The Mayans took the flaring up of the blue comet Holmes last year to be the signal of what the Hopis called the blue star kachina. This commences a period of 7 years of intense purification ushering in the New Earth. So those spiral vortex frequencies will be doing more than the popping of our planetary "credit bubble" or the deflation of a currency. We will be re-aligned with a new currency of compassion, an organic means of exchange of consciousness. How this will play out is yet to be determined. We may witness the arrival of the malahhay elohim, the angels of Co-Creation this year.  There are those who will experience this as an attunement to an inner music, Rumi's Hall of Celestial Sound.  We may hear or see a few extra-terrestial space ships hovering above the Earth Grid at key nodal points. Those ophaneem are mentioned by Yehhezkiel (Ezekiel) the Hebrew prophet graced with the vision of the Merkavah.  The word means "alternating faces", something like what you would see when watching that dervish spin. If you were exploring the world of free or renewable energy, the ophaneem would share the secrets of  counter-rotational magnetic fields that create an anti-gravity zone, a plenum of free energy at the core. There is a new physics model of our Universe emerging in 5769 that has been hinted at for some years by the CircleMakers in the Crop Circles appearing in Albion (Britain).  Your kabbalistic cartographer intends to share some of this sacred geometry in a seminar this year entitled Kabbalah 2012.


There is a hidden number that compliments 5769. That number is 231 (or 232, yehee or), the number required to total 6000/1. This is the gematria for the phrase  yesod ha'olam , the secret (foundation) of the Universe. For those of you who have access to a copy of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, I suggest you meditate on the 231st degree of the zodiac. Much will come to us in the dreamtime this year, the sod  is often revealed in the Yesod dimension of the Tree of Life. In the poem, you will find Dante gazing up at the Southern Cross from his seat on the inferno earth. There is a binary star in the Cygnus constellation, Cygnus X-3 that may well be emitting powerful evolutionary cosmic rays our way once again. Our palaeolithic ancestors used to meditate in caves to the pulsar cosmic irradiation music from Cygnus some thousands of years ago according to Andrew Collins in his The Cygnus Mystery. In our more local planetary round dance, Pluto is en route again to that potent winter solstice degree at 0 Capricorn. Pluto appears to be in charge of the death & rebirth of our whole planetary economy as well as the creation of new land masses via volcanic activity. We will witness more than the eruption of Pele this year. Already sensitives have felt volcanic activity underneath the Pacific, microquakes emanating from the Ring of Fire. Uranus is presently at 20 degrees of Pisces & will be in retrograde until Nov.28th.  I have heard a rumour of an indiginous gathering that will be taking place in Arizona next spring, a calling out to the Ancestors & the singing of a song to resonate with the Great Star Nations. The upcoming opposition of Saturn in Virgo with Uranus in Pisces will offer us a hemispheric rebalancing of the Earth's corpus collosum, the bridge between binah & hohhmah on the Tree of Life, understaning & wisdom, left & right brain hemispheres. The other major astrological significator is the conjunction of Neptune & Chiron in Aquarius. The poem suite in Aleph 2160 speaks of Atlantis & the signals still emanating from the Bimini vortex zone ( & perhaps from Damanhur these days!) . There is a great healing that needs to take place in our deepest memory bank, the healing of what Barbara Hand Clow has called Catastraphobia. A memory of radical Earth Changes that took place on our planet 13,000 years ago. The planetary water system holds the emotional memory of Earth & its inhabitants. Whether you are blessing water a la Emoto, taking a ceremonial plunge into a traditional mikvah or just celebrating a great Water Festival, this year is destined to be a year for Purification. Those of you who have taken note or are participating in Pneemah meditations will be called to drink in & be purified by sacred waters in 5769. 


Wishing you a Shanah Tova Umehtooka

 A year of Goodness, Sweetness, Healing Vibrations,

Emotional Harmony & Purification,

 A Year of Alignment with the New Frequencies bathing our Adamah!

with blessings & light,



Sept.28th 2008, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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