KAN Summer Solstice 2003  June 20th
    dear Kan Recipients,
                                  The Summer Solstice occurs tomorrow, the 21st of June at 12:12 pm Pacific Daylight Saving Time. The solstice chart is a very significant one and the energies that it points to will last for the full summer right up until Sept. 21st. Within 2 days of the Solstice itself we have the Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer and Mars conjunct Uranus in Pisees. Fortunately these diads are forming a grand trine in the water signs which makes for an easy flow in the emotional realm and what we shall call "alchemical opportunites". Saturn is the planet of tradition and Uranus is the planet of innovation. Kabbalistically Saturn rules Binah, the sphere of understanding, discernment & the Divine Mother energies. Uranus is the ruler of Hohhmah, the sphere of wisdom, enlightenmnent, innovation and electromagnetic phenomena. It appears that there is a kind of balancing going on right now between the hemispheres of both our individual brains and our collective consiousness.
      Many astrologers have written about the karmic danger of the upcoming 2 1/2 year transit of Saturn through Cancer which lasts until July 16, 2005. The theme of this transit involves a return to traditional family values, emotional boundaries, physical safety and health concerns. As Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother energies , we can expect that whatever crises emerge during this time period will serve to awaken core compassion within the heart of humanity. It is my belief that there will be a great number of miraculous break-throughs in the health and healing realm coming from scientific, genetic mapping, bio-electrical areas of research. I visited recently with a Chinese Buddhist Master and transmitter of Medicine Buddha healing energies. He had his sangha convinced that Sars was just the first of 15 viruses that are about to sweep the planet. I offered to create a new essential oil blend for him to bless and distribute, one that I plan to call Pagoda. Essential oils offer us the healing vibration and soul essence from the plant kingdom and when properly used can protect us from all sorts of viruses, fungi and bacteria. I use them constantly when I am travelling and want to encourage all you Kan recipients to revisit the Jitterbug section of www.treeoflifeschool.com soon where I will be posting four more formulae.
Still on the topic of useful health products, my friend John Snively, a biological dentist and vibrational healer, has alerted me to the value of the Usana line of health products. I particularily like their CO-Q 10 and Usana's Gingko Biloba formula. Check the link at the end of this newsletter to learn more. The second health product I am presently taking was recommended to me by Zeev Kolman, the bio-energetic healer who is gifted with extraordinary clairvoyant and auric vision. The product he recommended is called Xango. It is the juice of the exotic and tasty mangosteen fruit and there are voluminous testimonials regarding its health benefits. The third product that I am testing at this time is the one promoted on the internet as a fountain of youth, a secretagogue that triggers the release of HGH. This one deepens restorative sleep and is a food for the light body. I  have had  remarkable meditation experiences after taking the Somalife formula for only 3 days.
       This one leads me to meditate on the meaning of the imminent Mars/Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Those astrologers who are most concerned with politics and earth changes see this conjunction as a volatile one that could lead to explosions, earthquakes, and even tsunamis given the water theme of Pisces/Cancer. I like to view Mars/Uranus as a catalyst energy that serves to break through toxic blockages and psychic inertia. There will be many new inventions and energy formulae bursting on to the scene this summer. I mentioned in a prevous Kan a particularily volatile period in late August at the time when the planet Mars will be as close the Earth as it has been during the last 2 26.000 year galactic cycles. There is some possibility that this visit will precipitate a sudden change in Earth's magetic field that will quicken the Pole Shift /Ascension phenomena. If you are interested in the physics of this process , check out link #9 of my website which will lead you to the brilliant work of David Wilcock's on the science of Ascension.
       As some of you have pointed out, I often pen down the Kan just before heading out the door. Well tonight quantum physicist Dr. Fred Wolfe is visiting Nelson BC and as Fred was influenced by kabbalist Carlo Suares, I am very interested in what he has to say about parallel realities, ayahuasca journeys and wormholes thru the plenum/void. So stay tuned and with a little luck, you will have yet another Kan in your in-box by the new moon. And should you have a yen to visit those Arcturian crop circles this summer, you had best give me a call & I will invite you to visit with the CircleMakers and join my Tree-of-Light 2003 workshop in Glastonbury in late July...
with blessings & light,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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