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now for the Zodiac Oracle for July & Aug. 2009:
Zodiac Oracle  July/August 2009
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Let's have a glance at the AWR ( Astrological Weather Report) for the Summer of 2009. We are now less than 42 months from that Mayan dimensional watershed date of Dec.21, 2012, even less from the Oct.28,2011 portal. The Sun is still shining, the internet is still netting, currencies are still circulating & music & dance festivals are still in abundance. So this summer is being dubbed an LCPD ( Last Chance Planet Dance) given that extraordinary benific of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron rendezvous in late Aquarius. This triad offers us a PHE ( Planetary Healing Event) , a stimulus package of unified field consciousness, compassion & hemispheric integration. Saturn & Uranus ( tradition & innovation) are not set to tango again until Sept.12th. Venus is trolling through zodiacal Cancer for most of the summer stimulating family & tribal gatherings. Mars is gadflying about Gemini offering random acts of mischief & accidental contact improvs during this time. Pluto, the PSK ( Planetary Shadow Keeper) is retrograde in Capricorn, sorting out what to invest & what to divest in the new PBS ( Planetary Barter System). So have a joyful summer ( here in the north & winter downunder) & by all means Keep Dancing!
Summer Zodiac Oracles:
Aries: The GAPS ( Great Astrological Positioning Satellite) is tracking rather erratic patterns for those of you who keep dancing without a partner! Pluto is encouraging you to walk your talk or just go take a hike....
Taurus: It is time for you to put away the need to fundraise & just have some pure fun. This could lead to unexpected travels, heartful sharings with not so strange strangers, a rendezvous with One who will change the pattern of your dance..

Gemini: You could live your life poking fun at the prevalent bumper sticker reality pictures like: You are what you Eat, Wherever you go there you are, & Practice Random Acts of Kindness. As long as you do what you do with lightness of Being, you will thrive...
Cancer:Your ruler, the Moon, changes zodiac sign every 2 1/2 days. This affects your moods, your biology, your mind-state & your momentum. Family harmony is a beautiful experience for you when it happens, a bitch when it doesn't. Be as forgiving as possible this summer....
Leo: Your time to travel & to write happens when Mercury transits Leo from July 18 to Aug. 2nd. If you are the performing kind of Leo who likes to be on stage, then this is the Portal for limelighting. Invite as many significant others as you can....
Virgo: That 7 year transit of Uranus through Pisces & the present 2 1/2 year visitation of Saturn in Virgo has added a touch of the erratic to all the normally helpful, practical & service oriented Virgos I know. You might be fascinated with reading up on the Enneagram. Just google it & dive in....
Libra: Your  deep idealistic nature has taken a few blows & you  are on recovery or what the computer buffs call: safe mode. You will bounce back this summer from financial distress & relationships that have gone awry....find that secret chord...halleluYah...
Scorpio: What to invest & what to divest, you ask.. Let go of attachments & the need to control situations that are beyond your control... Invest in what opens your heart to the Great Mystery. Surrender to the Void & the Plenum will be with you!
Sagittarius: You have your plans & the your daybook is brimming with engagements this summer. You need to know that the Cosmos has a few surprises in store for you that fall into the TRYR ( Time to Re-arrange Your Reality ) file.
Capricorn: Quincunx Time! When there are planets transiting through Gemini & Leo you have no choice but to rethink who you think you are & improvise a new way of being in the world. Make sure you have the credentials you need to accomplish your cherished goals... Or just learn to let go & trust....

Aquarius: You have been patiently & not so patiently awaiting the Cosmic Clock to turn over, hustle the Piscean mirages out of the Bar & bring in the GAA ( Great Age of Aquarius). Time to call in your Arcturian, Pleiadian & Andromedan friends. Check out the dragonflys & thunderbirds arriving at the Wiltshire Crop Circles this year!
Pisces: Even Quantum Leapers need to take a breather now & again. This summer is that time for you to just Breathe. Let go of the plates you have been spinning on sticks. Yes, just let them fall to the ground. There will be treasure in the pattern of the pieces, I promise...
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