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   July 19, 2007
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Prelude: The New Moon of July 14th initiated a month long suite of vibrational re-calibrations that will have us dancing ecstatic beneath the full canopy of summer stars. Then we sleep until the solar oven or sudden squalls wake us in the morning. Yes, it is festival time in the Kootenays. The fire-the-grid gatherings on July 17th   aligned a Moon/Venus conjunction with the Sphinx degree of the zodiac. We are on a rare treasure hunt this month, a foray into the realm of psychic archeology, a scuba dive to the soul's underworld, a portal crossing to our personal Hall of Records. The full moon of July 29th in Aquarius is the perfect time for a summer vision quest. Venus will be retrograde for all of August giving us all a chance to review what is of true value in our lives... the beauty that touches us at the core.... 
Portals: August features a fixed star activation with Mars transiting the Pleiades on Aug.6th, then squaring Venus/Regulus on the 9th. This 3 day portal is like a lover's quarrel. The resolution of this jousting of personal agendas occurs on Aug. 12th, the New Moon. Should you look up to the stars that night, you will be able to catch the Perseid meteor showers. The weekend of the 17th though the 19th is the anniversary (the 20th) of Harmonic Convergence 1987. We suggest you attune to your favourite sacred site within a day's drive of wherever you may be at the time. Get out your crystal walkie-talkie to the stars, bathe in the local creek, purify your auric field with cedar & sage. Should you be in the environ of Lake Kootenay, you might want to give your Zodiac Oracle a call to hear what is happening at the Crystal Dome Retreat. The Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd & the eclipsed full moon on the 28th could reveal a surprise or two... Saturn, the keeper of karmic timings, is about to bid goodbye to Leo by month's end. Time to take your heart's dream into your own hands.

Zodiacal Oracles for August

Aries: You are enjoying life again the way a surfer in Hawaii enjoys waves of exhilaration. Early August you  have the benefit of a glorious Sun/Jupiter trine to polish the mirror of your adventurous storyboard. The glitch in your grand design may involve your taking someone or something for granted. A failure of gratitude. A blind spot in your mirror. Beware! 
Taurus: On the 7th of August, the planet Mars will leave your sign. You have been working above & beyond the call of your passion for re-arranging home & garden, self & soul, into a gallery for friends & admirers who may (or may not) drop by. On Aug. 23rd Mars will oppose Jupiter in Sagittarius. Your star omens suggest that this is the day you could unveil that secret project to family, friends & clients with gold shekels in their pockets..
Gemini: You have been riding quite a streak at the gambling table these past few weeks. You have much to be proud of in the realm of both pure being & that which you have manifested in the world at large. However, you are about to come upon a crossroads & as much as you would like it, you will not be able to be in two places at the same time.
August 13th is your day for meditation this month...

Cancer:  Life sometimes appears to be a necklace laced with births & deaths, deaths & entrances, unspoken desires & heartfelt disappointments. What the channel who created the Secret failed to convey has something to do with the nature of Co-Creation & collective karma. Yes, I know that you prefer to keep that word at arm's length, but banishing or transforming the remnants of former creations is your task this month...   

Leo:  Here is my suggestion as to how you might celebrate on the 17th of August. First, get out your photo album of all the special places on earth you have  experienced mystical or magical moments. Choose 16 of them. Arrange these into 4 medicine wheels. Then put your favourite photo of yourself in the centre of the wheel & meditate on where to be on August 17th to create the song of the Earth Spirit...This should feel very familiar!

Virgo:  You have called in the fertile seeds of financial abundance. You have opened your heart to a new kind of loving that keeps your desire for perfection in the vestibule or the mud room. You have called upon the great goddess & she is answering you in more ways than you could possibly imagine. You are planting seeds for an extraordinary fall harvest in October. You task this month: transform every gram of grumbling-mind into heart-gratitude!..   

Libra:  You are what we could call the consummate balance fanatic. This means you take great delight in getting as many plates spinning like galaxies on sticks in the air as you possibly can.  Keeping them spinning at just the right speed is your biggest challenge. And if one should fall, it has to fall at just the right moment so that it makes percussive music, allowing you to spin up a new one to replace it. Your oracle this month: hire an apprentice, already!!...

Scorpio: It is never too late to offer an apology to someone whom you have taken advantage of, is it not? You often have the best of intentions, yet your not so subtle way of going about things gives those who watch closely the idea that you have a major blind spot & run the risk of being blindsided. Your oracle suggests that you just call in your own buddha nature, gaze into the mirror of your soul & create a whole new set of rules to live by....

Sagittarius: The good news this month has to do with a surprise opportunity to travel to a destination that has long been calling out to you. The challenge you face is this: who can I possibly bring with me on this journey?You may not know it now, but Spirit has a plan for you & there are souls out there just waiting for your plane to land. So you had better gather as many medicine gifts as you can while the Sun is still in Virgo...

Capricorn: What kind of martial art did you have in mind?  You are not the only Capricorn who has asked your astrologer this question. Let us examine a few options. Akido would work for you, but you need to learn how to make an elegant fall. Tai Chi is not really your style, is it? What your oracle has in mind is something more like Castenada's magical passes or a slow contact improvisation technique. Capoeira for the Capricorns!

Aquarius:  When the Sun is hot & bothersome in Leo, you usually search out some serious shade, a beach umbrella, a shady tree, a cool stream, a taoist hiding place known only by ethereal elementals & visionary Aquarians. You are the avatar of the-path-less-taken. However, the problem with being an avatar is that sooner or later, you will be noticed, followed, interviewed & found out. Then you become: a public person. August could be your month.... 


Pisces:  Whatever happened to that good-humoured, humble, happy-with-one's-lot, surrendered, carefree, philosophical, swimming-with-the-current Pisces?? Well, the transit of electric, eclectic, erratic, maverick, magnetic, u-turning Uranus has put an abrupt end to that old-fashioned style of Pisces. You are now the one who enjoys turning it all upside down!  

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