Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter   July 27, 2004
You can hear a song of pure vowels    strung    like a string of pearls
Listen to the words of power    Teta spoke  before Khufu
quoting  Imhotep's lost papyrus spells        kheper  medet nebt Temu
open your heart    as Aset's tears     bring the waters of life to the Nile
the veils between   then & now    memory & imagination   are dissolving
Look past Anubis    the shapeshifter    Orion's second hound  Procyon is on the horizon...
          from Aleph 2160 
  26 degrees of Cancer , the degree of  the July 17th new moon.
      The July 17 th New Moon was a perplexing one having recently conjuncted Saturn and coming to an opposition with Chiron aka Asclepius. Perhaps one could consider this month a month devoted to the healing of ancient karmic wounds ! Just yesterday I received an e mail from Drunvalo Melchizedek that informs us that the polar ice at both north and south poles is melting quickly. This means that the Gulf Stream is being weakened and our weather will be getting stranger and stranger. A friend of mine told me a few days ago that great blue herons have been sited in the Arctic and Drunvalo mentioned that the first hurricane ever to hit the coast of Brazil happened this spring. So the Yellowstone megavolcano is sleeping but the oceans are in flux with big sea changes.
And Uranus is in Pisces for 7 more years ! 
We had best enjoy the summer squalls this month ! 
July 25: The day out of time for dreamspell followers..( before heading into a blue storm year )
July 26: Mercury enters Virgo to clear the path for communication...
July 28: The Sag moon conjuncts Pluto and opposes Venus today. What is of value will endure ..
July 31st: Full moon in Aquarius, with a Neptune meditative flavour
Aug. 2: Moon conjunct Uranus sends the sailboat in sudden new directions...
Aug.5:  The Sun is opposite Neptune today. A new dream is coming into view....
Aug.11: The transformative power of love is very strong today...
Aug. 15:  The Leo new moon at 23 degrees is in resonance with Harmonic Covergence.... 
Appetizers & Aperitifs: 
Aries:  Family concerns will open your heart to Spirit's plan this month... 
Taurus:  The cottage is calling, the cottage is calling. You need rest and vision quest, to boot... 
Gemini:  Venus won't stay in your sign forever so drink deep at the oasis, my friend.... 
Cancer:  Time now to nurture the last one on your vast list, the one called YOU... 
Leo:  Saturn is creeping up on all you Leos.  Big bold visions and gestures attract attention, beware...
Virgo:  There is more to life than cooking, eating and restoring order..  Hire helpers if you can... 
Libra:  Best to spend time with your own kind this month. Librans attract librans... 
Scorpio:  When you speak words that you feel are charged with truth, others are often hurt. An apology may be in order. 
Sagittarius: According to the latest cosmological theory, our universe is made of strings, just like violins & cellos and Italian vermicelli.  So you have the permit this month to think global but to act local.  ( even loco if need be )
Capricorn: Ah, you have become the unwobbling pivot for those in your circle of influence. But are you having fun yet ?? 
Aquarius: We are in trouble here on planet Earth. We remind you of your mission, Aquarius. Be bold, be brave, be off the wall, if need be. And follow the path with heart by all means...
Pisces: The most important thing on your vast to do list is to return phone calls from those that love you... ( and delete the word tomorrow from that list today, pronto....) 
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