Your Zodiac Oracle 
 July/August  2008
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Prelude:  With a tremendous release of Earth Energy on the Summer Solstice, the value of community & a home that nurtures heart & soul is what is on our minds as the Sun transits through zodiacal Cancer. There are a host of retrograde planets now: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, & Jupiter appear to be moving backwards from our earthly vantage point. Coyote medicine!
Portals:  July 2nd New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer, with Moon opposition Pluto & then Jupiter, before & after. This is a portal for change agents & members of the dream change alliance. The Sun opposing Jupiter on July 9th is a portal for manifestation of resources. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 1st will usher in a major creative pulse courtesy of the Crop Circle Makers.. Earth Mysteries & Magic! 
Zodiac Oracles for July/August
Aries: You are full of wild and wooly coyote medicine this summer. So you may as well get out your fool's satchel or your gortex waterproof knapsack & set out on some great foolhardy adventure. Just make sure your digital camera is by your side (like Tonto) at all times..
Taurus:  You are going to be asked to be part of the ground crew in rather chaotic circumstances this summer. I recommend that you travel with rescue remedy & a host of homeopathics in your handbag. Lend a hand, a heart, & spare cashflow to a friend in a jam....
Gemini: You are gearing up for some battle of the words with Mars as your rival squaring off with you from Virgo. So you had best travel with an mp3 recording device as a necklace or an amulet. If anyone questions you, just say: I am the Scriptwriter!
Cancer:  That New Moon we mentioned  in the Portals could have you spinning a new web or creating a new nest this summer. Just check in with your dreaming self before you make any new relationship commitments. And beware:
 a Libran could set your heart aflame!

Leo:  I like the new you. Somehow that old flowers & chocolate romantic nature of yours has had a Neptunian makeover & you are out there singing your heart out like Madonna in some big outdoorsy venue. The jungle was far too quiet without you!...


 Virgo:  You have a busy summer ahead, full of comings & goings, jaunts & journeys, retreats & romantic getaways, yoga & hammock time, mountain climbing & eskimo roll kayaking, a full agenda of bliss & balast. That being said, you need a massage! 

Libra:   You are the epicure.
The one who loves the finer things in life. And you are willing to get down & dirty to court a beauty that is hiding in the lowlands. I prophecy that you will find treasure in the strangest places this summer!

Scorpio: A dear Virgo friend once gave me, the astrologer who should know better, some advice a few years ago before entering a relationship with an intense Scorpio. She said: don't you know that Scorpios don't really have relationships--they take hostages!  Or so it appears to discerning onlookers....

 Sagittarius: Yes, you love to travel. And yes, you are blessed with that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. However, with Mars & Saturn squaring you from Virgo, & Pluto back again with one last blast from the past, I suggest you re-organize your projects & priorities..

Capricorn: You have been working away applying those laws of manifestation like nobody's business. You are busy building bridges between tribes that have been at war for forever. It is time for you to be clear as to who are your true allies...   

Aquarius:  Half of the Aquarians I am aware of have gone raw! That means they have banished the angel of fire from their kitchen & are nibbling away at goji berries, sesame seeds, cacao beans & a vast array of superfood shakes & crunchy smoothies. Go ahead, be my guest, join the new GI cult...   

Pisces:  You are an upstream cohoe climbing a waterfall of old karmas, going against the current of your childhood insecurities, facing the dark demons that have been lurking beneath the radar of your heart, holding a mirror in the face of predators. You are becoming a master of tai chi & feng shui..

June 10, 2008, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen   

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