Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter:   July 7,2005  


The New Moon of July 6th  occurred at the 14-15th degree of  Cancer. These degrees resonate with our neighbouring star Sirius in the  northern hemisphere and Canopus, the brightest star in the southern hemisphere sky. The divination / poem for these degrees from Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle goes as follows:

Come gather   the nomads& the nameless ones   in  from the four directions

Isis will take us   to the grainary   on the other side of Sirius

show us an egg     giving birth to all form    opening a window

into the infinitely tiny Po   mustard seed star   germ of all things

one teasponful     add H2O   plus une mot magique    et voila

our whole solar system    reconstituted    spinning the nommo and the monad back home


Who are these amphibians    swimming     back to the sea at night?

Yonah lies sleeping   in the buttocks of the boat     dreaming of EA

listening for pitches and tones    dolphins at play   vessels from Vega

white light at the edge of the blowhole!   (while another Yonah   dreams of lox & bagels)

lovers of the Void     are boarding the ark   destination Canopus in Argo

We are time travellers     bodhisattvas   hostages held in the holodeck 

Those of you who have read The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple will remember the ceremonies that he reports the Dogon tribe in Africa offer every 50 years or so to mark the orbit of Sirius b about the star. The aboriginals of Australia consider the dolphins and whales to have their originating home on the Sirius star system. And the Hebrew book of Braysheet/ Genesis suggests that the whales and dolphins originate on the 5th cosmic day of Creation. Some years ago, your Kan correspondent choreographed a musical piece entitled the Music of Genesis. This recording featured a piano solo based on Stan Tenon's note for note translation of the hebrew letter flow pattern  for the early passages of the genesis text with a kind of shamanic improvisation for the theme of each of the cosmic days. The attunement to the music of the whales and the language of the dolphins was the most moving and joyful of all the improvisations. I have a sense that our oceanic friends hear and relay the music of the spheres through the medium of salt water. David Carson in his Medicine Cards suggests that the whale medicine is about record keeping, particularily via sonar and harmonics. So the gist of what the Aleph 2160 divination reveals is that it is a time for us to do a little echo-location and re-adjust our navigation route in  the great evolutionary journey. And in the words of Martin Prechtel, from his Secrets of the Talking Jaguar:

"For there to be a world at all, every indigenous, original, natural thing must start singing its song, dancing its dance, moving and breathing, each according to its own nature, saying its name, manifesting simultaneously its secret spiritual signature..."  


So what else is going on  and what's happening according to the planetary dance, you may well ask.

 It goes like this:

The big news is that Saturn is completing its passage thru zodiacal Cancer this month and will enter Leo on July the 16th.  People with Saturn in Leo carry soul memories that go back to Egypt and France where the political rulers of the country were ideally connected to the Tao or the Divine. Unfortunately this seldom happened historically and our memories of Saturn in Leo revolve around the theme of tyrants abusing power and being karmically rewarded for their abuse. So we can expect that those who have been committing and advocating big time crimes to society will meet with their Maker or their shadow or perhaps the lords of karma during this next 2 1/2 years. We will see shortly if the G8 will really begin the process of eliminating the poverty and paper debt of Africa. And our whole system of planetary currencies resting on petrodollars will be up for review during this time.

 Not to be overly negative, we should see some honest media reporting with Saturn in Leo (eventually trining Pluto in Leo) along with the upswelling of Sekhmet catabolic energy by visionary activists and cultural pioneer types.  There may be ancient/ new archeological finds coming out of Egypt during this time period and I encourage you to read a book entitled The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince if you want to catch up on all that has been happening re the mysteries of ancient Egypt, ETs and the potential opening of that elusive Hall of Records that Edgar Cayce's Ra-Ta spoke about. And if you are so inclined to do a little psychic archeology and soul memory reconaissance yourself ,send us an e mail and request information regarding the next Magi Travel journey so that you can meditate between the paws of the Sphinx and roam the Sinai in person! 

Key dates this month are as follows: July 21st when the moon is full in the last degree of Capricorn shortly before it enters Aquarius and conjuncts Chiron. This is a powerful day for healing what we can call one's personal karma with family of origin. ( I recently created via ceremony an elixir during the last full moon at Lake Manitou to aid in this process) Mercury will go retrograde shortly thereafter on July 23rd and stays retrograde until August 16th. Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap by most astrologers who suggest that communications can easily go askew in a period that is riddled with travel delays and lost luggage. It is also a time to revamp plans and projects that have gotten out of hand.


The Invitations:

I invite you to visit the recently revamped www.treeoflifeschool.com website and check out the button that says Manitoulin Island. I will be guiding one or two more Astrological Vision Nest Retreats there this summer and a Codes of the Kabbalah one during that Aug.10-15th portal with Mercury retrograde. Also have a look at the Crystal Dome Retreat which can be rented by the week for much of this summer if you are interested in a meditative retreat near Lake Kootenay not far from Nelson, British Columbia.

Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle is about to be printed again in a very limited edition so be sure to order yours along with the double Sonic Merkavah Journeys CD that accompanies it. Cost is $84 plus p&h.

May you have an inspiring and beautiful summer in contact always with the energies of the earth!

with blessings & light, Joseph-Mark


& feel free to send this Kan on to friends in your network,

July 7th, 2005, all rights reserved, Joseph-Mark Cohen

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