Dear Kan recipients, Pneemah meditators & friends of Tree-of-Life Mystery School,
Just a short note to wish each of you a happy, healthy, prosperous and joyful Rosh HaShannah/Hebrew New Year. The full report on the year 5767 will be posted on the website within the next week as will the KAN for the recent Solar Eclipse New Moon at 30 degrees of Virgo. That degree is the 180th of the 360 degree zodiac circle. The most powerful gematria root is the word P'neem, which translates as faces or facets. This hints that the year to come (the Hebrew year begins with the Sun conjunct what it referred to by astronomers as the Supergalactic Centre) will be one where each of us will be placed face-to-face with all that has been hidden from view.
May we have the wisdom and the humour and the flexibility to say:
"Whatever it is, it is a blessing in disguise."
May the year to come be a sweet one,
 may you be inscribed in the book of life 
l'shana tova..
with blessings, light & love...

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