Crop Circle Oracle

Zodiac Oracles
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
Jan.-Feb. 2010 Special Edition

Prelude: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Dec.31st, 2009 at 11 degrees Cancer is an omen that the year to come is destined to be one that will re-arrange all our priorities on the community consciousness versus the personal nest & home axis. Yes, health care & foreclosures will continue to make the headlines, but the Agenda this year goes way beyond that. We are at a Cosmic Crossroads & feeling like rather stunned roadrunners, not knowing which way to go, doing our best to just cover our tracks, keep out of traffic, fool the cloaked predators & head for the hills before the Lights change! It is not a blissful picture, but it is exciting.


The good news is that in the Chinese calendar we are about to enter the Year of the Tiger. This could be a good time, as the Hopi saying goes, for those who can swim with the current & know who their neighbours are! The current of change will be strong, we can count on that, if nothing else! The American dollar will be worth a fair bit less by year's end... but then again so will the Euro & the Yen! Your Zodiac Oracle plans to revert to ancient currencies this year, like Mayan cacao beans, silver coins & assorted gems & minerals.


The big astrological news has to do with the ongoing Saturn-Pluto square, from Libra to Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is about the karmically correct use of our planetary resources, Saturn in Libra is about legally addressing & rebalancing the give & take of right human relationships. The extraordinary pre- 2010 omen of the blue spiral burst (an etheric portal or a punch in the electromagnetic/ gravitational field belly of Gaia?) in the Norway night sky in synchrony with the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference & O'bama's Nobel Peace (Pretzel) Prize (with militia & hitech clone warriors en route to Afghanistan) sent assorted mixed messages to the Tribal Village Psyche. You can probably still catch the re-runs on You Tube! So what are the big questions to ask this year. Well here are a few:


1)Is 2010 the year of ET disclosure & uncloaking?
And is Quetzalcoatl really returning on time?

2)Will another big chunk of Antarctica break off & melt?
Are our Van Allen Belts still up & running?


3)Can a pesky alliance of Internet radicals & aging Baby Boomers manage to deflate Big Pharma, Monsanto & the Planetary Banking Cartel at a show down in Las Vegas?


Well, your guess is as good as mine so let's zoom on the major Portals early on in 2010!


1) Jan. 19: Sun & Venus enter Aquarius as Jupiter enters Pisces. A tidal wave of humanitarian uprisings against social injustice & cold-heartedness in high places is just beginning!


2) Feb. 17: A beautiful Jupiter & Venus conjunction in Pisces will birth new music, dance & healing modalities today!


3) March 25: Sun squares Pluto (with Moon & Mars conjunct) a few days after the Spring Equinox, This portends an emotional moment with a political maneuvre that will cause shock & outrage. Could also be a major Earth Change....


Ok, that is as far as the Great Mystery & Space allows to go into what is in store for us in 2010! Yes, we will return with those personal Oracles you have been awaiting in the Next Issue.
You will be coached on what bold moves to take to make the Year of the Tiger a creative & prosperous one! So happy Gregorian New Year.. And hang in there!
May the Force be with You!


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