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 Memo to Kan Recipients: My apologies to the Sagittarians who lost their fortune cookie !
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Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter     23rd Jan. 2004
Dear Kan recipients,
                                   It is the morning after my Year of the Monkey Elixir gathering here at the Crystal Dome and it appears that this most recent New Moon in Aquarius is a festive one in the orient celebrating the Monkey King who could speak, fly and shapeshift into a thousand forms ! I gather that those born in the Monkey Year ( '44, '56, '68, '80, & ,'92) are noted for their intelligence, creativity, self-absorption and self-centered reclusive nature, alternating with social mischiefmaking. As I am sure that you monkeys out there know who you are, just be aware that you may need to do some fast shifting as the world is on to your mischief and you may need to do more than your share of explaining yourself to others this year ! So it is a good year for inventors and astute investors , I am told  by one well-paid Chinese astrological consultant. Also a good year for practical, peaceful and spiritual change. From his mouth to the ears of Mr. Bush and those who wield the swords of power and the corporate cartel !
So vat do the kabbalists have to say about it all, you may ask. Well, that new moon is conjunct the degree for aysh, fire, the cosmic fire that has been cast upon our earth to raise the frequency of our globe & bring us back on line with our true destiny. I have been delving into what is called Lurianic Kabbalah as of late and meditating on what is termed shivirat hakelim  , the shattering of the vessels  at the time just before the Creation of our present cycles of evolution. I see this time as a critical one for the gathering of the sparks of that which is sacred that has been mixed into the broken and shattered shards of our material universe. Setting this world back in order -- tikkun ha' olam-- is a challenging task on all levels: personal karmic, psychological, ecological, environmental, tribal & collective. We have more on our hands here than chem trails and an ozone hole, rest assured. So the gist of it is that it is a powerful year for visionary activists who have the courage and the personal audacity of their convictions. A year of very positive monkey business, to be sure.
So let us now  distribute a few fortune cookies for the zodiacal tribes:
Aquarius: where there is a wheel, there's a way ! time to turn yourself inside out and become that  philanthropic humanitarian inventor that you were intended to be.
Pisces: thanks god & the goddess for the transit of Venus through your sign. Take those love vibrations that you are feeling & let them flow into poetry & a renewed sense of purpose.
Aries: Mars leaves your sign on groundhog's day. So make hay while the sun shines and the snow flies and find yourself a kiva or a hideaway when you are ready to cocoon.
Taurus: The north node of the moon is moving through your sign, Taurus. This means that you have new people to meet and places to go and songs to sing. You have been unplucked from your sedentary ways, my friend...
Gemini: The person who brought through that well-known cross-cultural mri on what different spiritual traditions teach us about attitude when shit happens was , yes , you guessed it , a Gemini.  Humour is your greatest ally this month....: think globally, speak locally.. if you know what I mean...
Cancer: Now that you have banished the last traces of your lifelong victim consciousness and planned your getaway to that tropical island you have seen in dreams , it is time to fetch yourself a journal and write out your story for the tribe....
Leo: Out of the ashes of disillusionment and the embers of cooling romantic entanglements is born the new jewel of the lotus: your alive and pulsating open heart..
Virgo: I know that you have been a life-long student of the I Ching and you know that the Tao that can be spoken is not the real Tao. And I know that on deep subconscious levels you prefer a goddess oriented culture to what we have here at this time... but it is time for you to speak your mind !
Libra:  One whisper from the heart of a Libran is like a shofar blast on Yom Kippur. It is your duty to sweet talk everyone you meet this month into sharing their heart and soul with you ! be a scribe for those you love....
Scorpio:  It is the moment of truth for you equal to that moment when the phoenix makes its nest in a tall tree & sets itself on fire. Bring all your medicine animals to bear on the situation at hand. Bring in the scorpion, the eagle, the phoenix & the osprey. Add a little libido et voila...
Sagittarius: The bad news for Sages is that the Monkey ate their fortune cookies before they came out of the oven ! The good news is that four devoted centaurs came to the rescue and called for a rebake. If only American elections were so democratic. The moral here is that you will have to be careful with all the monkey minds and tricksters about these days. And be particularily wary of the Geminis. They will blame all the little misfortunes in life on you and eat your fortune cookies just to get even !
Capricorn: Give it up , Capricorn. Give it up with all that you are obsessively planning into the future and admit that whatever you have ever attempted to prove to yourself about your self-worth has been but a stopgap measure.  Welcome to the power of Now....
And now for the Portals & the Promos:
Feb.1:  12-6 pm Kabbalistic Healing with JMC at New Quantum Dynamix in Phoenix ( call Barb at 480-477-6450 or JMC at 250-229-2227 to register)
Feb.2: Sun conjuncts Neptune -- The meditation portal this month..
Feb.6:  Leo full moon at 17 degrees--  If you happen to be at the Gem Show in Tucson, come by the Pueblo Inn courtyard & visit Crystal Tones rm. 166 noon to two pm & buy a ticket from JMC for Iala's Paradise for Sale one woman theatre show tonight !!
Feb.8: Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo this morning and flirtatious Venus enters Aries.  You are invited to an Egypt evening ( slide show, poetry, appetizers, samples of the new Jitterbug Aromatherapy Essential Oils ) with Joseph-Mark 7-10pm tonight. Call 1-888-633-2214 to reserve.
Feb. 12-15: The sacred geometry tribe is meeting in Sedona. Visit
Feb. 17-20: Sedona Stargate 2007 workshop with Joseph-Mark on galactic astrology & mythology . Visit the Sedona Stargate segment at  or ( up by Jan.27th)
Feb. 20th:  The new moon at 1 degree of Pisces is conjunct Uranus early this morning. This marks the beginning of the 7 year transit of Uranus which will initiate a revolution in technology and healing with respect to Water !  A new dream is birthed today for our planet ....
For those of you out there who would like to become a freelance travel agent and enjoy the discounts and perks thereof, visit:
Happy Year of the Monkey,