Tree-of Life Mystery School Calendar for 2003

Jan. 24-29  Sedona Kabbalah Vision Nest/ Tree of Life School for Kabbalistic Healing
Jan. 30 Egypt Slide Show in Phoenix Arizona (480-413-1313)
Feb. 1-2 Kabbalistic Healing with JMC & Zeev Kolman in Sedona
Feb. 3-13  The Alchemist's Cauldron Exhibit Room 210 at Holiday Inn Express in Tucson Arizona
for Magi Travel &Kabbalistic Astrology
March 18-April 4 Egypt Journey with Joseph-Mark Cohen
(includes Sinai Kabbalah Vision Nest Retreat, Aswan & Luxor, Abydos & Dendara, New Alexandria Library, Great Pyramid & Sphinx ceremonies)
April 4-9 Astrological Vision Nest , Hydra , Greece ( add on for the Egypt Journey)
April 11-13 Theatre of the Tarot (Calgary)
June 3-20 Morocco Sacred Music Festival Journey
July 25-27 Kootenay Bellyfest 2003
Aug.1-20 Italy Mystery School Journey ( Damanhur, Assisi, Sardinia)
Aug.24-Sept.2 TLMS Summer School, Kootenay Lake, BC Canada
The Tree-of-Life School
    of Kabbalistic Astrology & Healing
or call: 250 229 2227  ( noon to 7pm, PST)
for registration for upcoming seminars & journeys


 Kabbalistic Healing Workshop
offers an eclectic introduction to polarity therapy, sound healing, vibrational medicine, and the use of crystals, minerals, & gemstones in healing. Participants will experience Joseph-Mark's complete 22 protocol Tree-of-Life Body work format that incorporates Hebrew harmonic overtone chants to catalyze the sound current. The use of a vast array of elixirs, herbal & energy medicines will be explored in relationship to the Tree-of-Life consciousness map. This workshop will appeal to a wide spectrum of health practitioners plus anyone interested in the subtle power of vibrational healing.
  The next KHW will be offered on Feb.2 in Sedona Arizona. Call 250-229-2227 to register
Introduction to Astrodrama
offers a fascinating and experiential opening to the use of astrology for healing & enlightenment. Joseph-Mark draws on a wide array of exercises drawn from Shamanic, Sufi & Kabbalistic sources to conjure up an astrological experience that touches both intimately personal & transpersonal dimensions.You will learn to tap the vast reservoir of imaginative and intuitive resources that are within  you. This workshop will reveal the myths and soul scripts at the core of your being ! 
March 2 & 3rd at the Crystal Dome ( 250-229-2227 ) 
Lake Kootenay ( Nelson ) BC
Theatre of the Tarot
is a profound journey through the 22 major arcana of the Tarot.
This journey is often called the Fool's Journey and is filled with fascinating and revelatory discoveries
about the relationship between your conscious, sub-conscious and superconscious selves.
You will meet each of the 22 guardians of the Tarot through the use of voice-dialogue, channeling, costume & ceremony that will delight and amaze you ! This workshop is designed for a minimum of 22 adventurous seekers who are willing to boldly go where few have journeyed before!
Kindly contact Joseph-Mark at 250-229-2227 or book thru the order form at
Theatre of the Tarot is scheduled in Calgary for the weekend of
April 11 (intro evening) 12 & 13th. Cost for the weekend is $222.
Register today by calling Ashala Yardley at 403-276-7058
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