You are cordially invited to participate

in becoming an Earth Angel

in the Season of Earth Changes 

( April 9th & 10th  from 1:00pm-5:00pm )

Saturday April 9th: Connecting with the Inner Guide, The One Rumi calls 'The Friend', Angels and Interdimensional Light Beings while befriending and transmuting the personal shadow at the same time!

The itinerary for today's journey includes: Sufi practices with sound & light, poetry & music, polarity therapy,tonal chanting and tribal trance dance. We will dive like scuba divers through our subconsious and shadow realms. We will call in the Angels of the Tree-of-Life and 'the Friend' once we have come to touch the essence of Surrender...


Sunday April 10th:

 Earth Mysteries & Earth Changes

in a time of upheaval &

 vibratory shifting of frequencies


The experiential buffet today includes: crystals & minerals, aromatherapy & elixirs, harmonic sound, earth grid meditations, Crop Circle Sacred Geometry,The Merkavah and a crystal planting ceremony to dedicate Stratford as a sanctuary zone in Ontario.


with Joseph-Mark Cohen

& Pam Gerrand

at the Yoga Collective, 42 Wellington in Stratford


This  2 part, 8 hour sound and movement journey will offer you a unique mystery school style opportunity to experience a  powerful rite of passage at a time when the Earth itself may be undergoing a rather dramatic shift of frequencies. Channels have prophecied Earth Changes in April and June of this year. It is most beneficial for us to be in ceremony and tribal oneness at this time. We will be inviting the spirit guidance of Merlin, Bridget and Rumi to be with us.

 An acceleration process that began with the full moon in Libra on Good Friday will receive a new catalytic nudge or shock wave this weekend. You will receive a calling from your Higher Self in your heart if it is destined for you to be part of this gathering. The Moon will be in Taurus, following the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse. We will be chanting with intent to attune the Sacred Earth to a new frequency. 


Joseph-Mark will share stories and wisdom he has gathered from journeys to Egypt,Morocco,Turkey,Malta,Glastonbury,Ireland,Brazil,Sedona and the American Southwest along with a few Sonic Merkavah Journeys gleaned from his recently published epic poem: Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle.

Pam Gerrand will personally bathe you with song and sonics to call in your guardian angels,invoking the highest healing vibration possible for you at this time. She will be working with each participant individually to divine the medicine song at the core of your being.


Registration for this rite of passage is limited to 22 participants. Cost is $100. Advance payment is advised. You will know in your heart when you are called to attend this event and you will feel a discernable level of commitment and intention around it.

 The venue is the Yoga Collective, 42 Wellington St. in Stratford, Ontario.

You can register with either Pam at 519-271-1438  www.pamgerrand.com

or Joseph-Mark at 1-888-633-2214

With blessings,light and love on your journey home....


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