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Kabbalistic Astrology

Water Lily Glastonbury Abbey
Tree-of-Life Mystery School
& Earth Mysteries Newsletter
June 1, 2011

Welcome to the June 1st
Edition of
the Tree-of-Life Mystery School's

 Earth Mysteries Travel Blog
for 2011.  You will discover your invitation to some 
upcoming Sacred Site Journeys & retreats in 2011 by clicking the photographs on the left hand column. There are embedded mp3 music files nested within each of these links to keep your  hemispheres resonant while you are text surfing! 


The Crop Circle Oracle Cards special  leading up to Summer Solstice 

is for wholesale purchase of a set of 10 decks at 50% off the retail price of $72  per deck (plus p&h). I am including a special  gift 

with this purchase so that you can easily inspire your friends to become Oracle Croppies! For those who purchase a single deck, you will still receive a free intro 20 minute telephone reading with Joseph-Mark when your  deck arrives! 


Kindly call 1-888-633-2214 or e-mail for wholesale orders.  The next Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar will be in Glastonbury July 22-25th. Our annual Mystical Britain & Crop Circle Journey  has 2 separate departure dates: July 22-31st & Aug.1-8. Both tours include a conference, seminars & exploration of fresh Crop Cirlces, Avebury, Stonehenge, Tintagel & Bath.  The full itinerary is posted in the Britain section at

A Crop Circle Prophecy? 

Charles Holmes of Conscious Planet sent this posting

from "Red Collie" on to me recently regarding

 the Milk Hill/ Alton Barnes  "Kachina Dancer" formation

 that came down in 3 phases in 2009. This formation

 appears on card 75 in the Crop Circle Oracle Card

 deck. I made a reference to Comet Holmes on the card,

 which HD aka Red Collie suggests was foretold

by an earlier crop formation.

Have a careful read of this CCC posting & then attune to the Oracle on Card 75. You might want to share this with a number of your friends. Or gather them for an upcoming Star Ancestor ceremonial in the fortnight following the  New Moon at the 12 degree of Gemini on June 1st.



Here is the zodiacal poem for the 72nd degree from my epic earth mysteries poem

 Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle:



Behold our beloved star    resting on nothing    pearled with clouds    sparkling with sea

As we breathe light     from the womb of space    through our wheels & spheres

Our beautiful planet    one water bead     hung     on a beam of light

When we leave    this cave of mind   take in the seventy-two rainbow lights

Leave our fears   like sandals on a doorstep   dissolve nto pure hhesed  heart-mind  breathe in

The letters of the Name:  hayah  hoveh v'yeheeyeh   One who is was & will be    a blessing 




         Look at the site referenced in this email --


         Milk Hill of June 2009 seems to predict a new, bright astronomical object in our solar system, possibly a comet , shortly after 
of June 1, 2011 
Kabbalistic Astrology
Upcoming Portals 
The New Moon on June 1 is well aspected  with an exact trine to Saturn ( still retrograde) in Libra ( until June 12th). This augurs well for relationship alliances & the opportunity for friends who have been separated in time & space to reconnect. The aspect between Pluto & the New Moon is the mystic tri-septile (154 degrees) which could offer our planet some help with our radiation dilemmna from soul family & interdimensional friends... Mercury begins a short sprint through Gemini from June 3rd to the 16th. Your e mail in box will be deluged with offers &  travel invitations of all kinds. Venus enters Gemini on June 1oth ( music &  dance festivities). Mars enters Gemini on the 21st. The full moon Lunar Eclipse on June 15th at 25 degrees of Sagittarius is close enough to the Galactic Centre degree to suggest another hide & seek appearance from some nearby celestial neighbours...
The Summer Solstice  on June 21st will feel dreamy with Moon in Pisces. The more potent season change will happen on June 23rd when Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries ( squaring the  Sun) This could mean electrical storms or even a new major Solar Flare & subsequent magnetic field shift.... June 28th is the day that Sun opposes Pluto. This could be political, another "regime change"  or earth change..
The Good News:  Jupiter enters Taurus for a long slow transit that will last for many months. This should plant the seeds for the complete restructuring of  financial life on our planet. Or perhaps a return to more longstanding  traditional forms of currency based on gold, silver, & cacao beans!


Upcoming Journeys & Events




July 1-7  Shamanic Kabbalah Summer School program at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Nelson BC 


July 22-Aug.1   Crop Circle Mysteries Tour to Britain ( Glastonbury, Avebury, Silbury Hill plus the Summer Lectures in Devizes with Steve & Karen Alexander)
Aug. 1-9  Crop Circle Mysteries Tour (part 2)  Tintagel  Astrological Round Table retreat plus the Circles of Knowledge Conference in Marleborough.
Aug. 10-17  Harmonic Convergence 2011 in Ireland

Purchase your Crop Circle Oracle Card deck today. You can even barter for it with assorted Air  Miles ( American, Delta, USAir)
Great discount on volume purchases. And the deck comes as a gift if you book your kabbalistic astrology consult by June 22nd.
Earth Mysteries Travel has been offering Sacred Site Journeys for over 30 years. These journeys have often been non-profit ventures whereby a pod of sincere explorers of the "mysteries" have journeyed with crystals in hand & a prayer or song in heart to a landscape or temple site that may have called out to us in the dream-time. Given the present activations happening with the Planetary Earth Grid, these "mystical journeys" require spiritual intent & guidance that goes well beyond "Adventure Travel".
Joseph-Mark has guided 10 journeys to Egypt since 1978. He is gathering a  core group for the 11th, yes of course, to celebrate the 11.11.11 in the bosom of Ma'at in Egypt exploring Giza, Abydos, the Sinai , Petra in Jordan & Alexandria.  The departure date is Oct.27th.
Our annual summer journey to the Crop Circles in Britain has been slightly adjusted so as to be able to take in
Steve & Karen Alexander's Summer Lectures 
 in Devizes July 30-31st & a day of the Glastonbury Conference  July 23-24th. The Harmonic Convergence 2011 gathering in Ireland follows this journey.

 Joseph-Mark offers his annual
Shamanic Kabbalah Summer School
in early July this year 
The Crystal Dome Retreat.
(also available for
vacation/meditation retreats)

blessings & safe travels,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
To learn more, click on the accompanying photos for travel appetizers & intineraries.
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