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Kabbalistic Astrology
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Water Lily Glastonbury Abbey
Tree-of-Life Mystery School
& Earth Mysteries Newsletter
July 1, 2011

Welcome to the July 1st
Edition of
the Tree-of-Life Mystery School's

 Earth Mysteries Travel Blog
for 2011.  You will discover your invitation to some 
upcoming Sacred Site Journeys & retreats in 2011 by clicking the photographs on the left hand column. There are embedded mp3 music files nested within each of these links to keep your  hemispheres resonant while you are text surfing! 


The Crop Circle Oracle Cards special  

is for wholesale purchase of a set of 10 decks at 50% off the retail price of $72  per deck (plus p&h). This offer is only good till July 10th. The annual Crop Circle Journeys to Britain are  booked for July 22 to 31st & Aug. 1-9th & yes there is space available for you to still enroll. The Oracle Cards will most certainly give you an imaginal & perchance  a radionic sense of the interdimensional energies one feels

in the magical fields of Albion.

To learn more just click on



Kindly call 1-888-633-2214 or e-mail for wholesale orders.  

The next Crop Circle Mysteries Seminar will be in Glastonbury July 22-25th. Our annual Mystical Britain & Crop Circle Journey  has 2 separate departure dates: July 22-31st & Aug.1-8. Both tours include a conference, seminars & exploration of fresh Crop Circles, Avebury, Stonehenge, Tintagel & Bath.  The full itinerary

 is posted in the Britain section at  

Summer School Seminars
 at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Kootenay Lake, BC 
You will find photos of the CDR posted on tripadvisor. The creek is overflowing its banks presently due to a voluminous spring snowmelt from Kokanee Glacier. I have re-scheduled the annual Summer School programs for when the Sun is transiting Virgo so you have plenty of time to still enroll.  Here are what the programs offer this year. And feel free to telephone 250-229-2227 to learn more & prepare for these inner journeys.
Tree-of-Life Summer School 2011:
At the Crystal Dome Retreat
Kabbalistic Healing
 & Shamanic Kabbalah:
 Aug 21-28, 2011
    This weeklong Tree-of-Life Summer School program focuses on meditation and visualization practices with the Hebrew fire letters in conjunction with an advanced exploration of vocal harmonics & other sound healing modalities.  Participant will have the opportunity to master the completeTree-of-Life Bodywork treatment form that incorporates protocols drawn from Polarity Therapy, Vibrational Medicine and Shamanic Healing modalities.  The evening seminars will focus on kabbalistic meditation practices, crystal grid work and the soul travel of merkavah mysticism.Program fee: $1111 includes accommodation & meals at the Crystal DomeRetreat Centre. Call1-888-633-2214
or visit 


Alchemy & Aromatherapy

Training Seminar: Sept 1-7, 2011

   This program is designed for therapists and counselors who wish to gain a practical and intensive introduction to the healing power of Vibrational Medicine.During this week we will work with over 36 different therapeutic grade essential oils and over 64 different vibrational essences and elixirs. The aromatherapy training focuses on ancient Egyptian and ceremonial treatment protocols along with the art of distilling and blending essential oil formulae.The use of complementary healing modalities such as crystal, gem & mineral layouts in conjunction with aromatherapy will be demonstrated. Students will be introduced to the alchemical process as both a psychological and elemental paradigm. The practicum will involve the ceremonial making and testing of vibrational elixirs at magical sacred sites in nature in the Lake Kootenay environ. Program fee: $1111 includes daytrips, accommodation & meals.  

 Kabbalistic Astrology
Upcoming Portals 
The New Moon on July 1st at the 10th degree of Cancer is a partial Solar Eclipse that should release some of the psychic pressure that has been marinating within sensitives since the time of the Fukushima meltdown in Japan in March. The Cardinal T Square to Saturn in Libra & Pluto in Capricorn ( & Uranus in Aries if you allow a wider orb)  indicates that it is wiser for us to choose inner change & transformation rather than allowing one to become a so-called "victim of circumstance".  Jupiter in Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn appears to be fore-stalling the big economic adjustments that pundits are prophecying. Jupiter may have post-poned the demise of the Euro with yet another bail-out for the Greeks, who btw are celebrating by rioting once again on the streets in Athens.
You know that Jupiter serves as Gaia/Adamah's  body-guard with a magnetic field 400 times stonger than Earth. So J. has been keeping cosmic debris from hitting our planet for  light years.  And if you have Nibiru on your You-Tube radar & are worried about big Earth Changes this coming Autumn, I suggest you read Zeharia Sitchin's  book:  The End of Days. ( PS: ZS suggested in one of his last public appearances in LA that Nibiru had another 70 years yet before its ETA...)
Mercury, the messenger, is transiting Leo  for most of July so be positive, don't worry, be happy. Yes Venus is transiting Cancer so home & heart repairs are in order. Mars is transiting Gemini so speak your mind but be careful not to step on your dance partner's toes!
Here is a little poem for the degree of the New Moon, drawn from my epic Aleph 2160 A Zodiac Oracle. ( PS: I offer free Crop Circle Oracle Card readings to fellow astrologers who promise to give up their addiction to Sabian "symbols" to divine the meaning of a Zodiacal degree!)
We are like children   going off to summer camp   for the first time  " what if i don't like the other kids    or the food?"   what if the leaders     make me do things   I don't want to do?"   what if the big guys       try to cut my hair   or throw me into the lake?"    
When we are ready to let go of all our  "what ifs"
Say "shemati " Uncle Yusaf
"I hear you"
Then  whenever we go   we go as one Tribe
We are happy campers!

Upcoming Journeys & Events 


July 22-Aug.1   Crop Circle Mysteries Tour to Britain ( Glastonbury, Avebury, Silbury Hill plus the Summer Lectures in Devizes with Steve & Karen Alexander)
Aug. 1-9  Crop Circle Mysteries Tour (part 2)  Tintagel  Astrological Round Table retreat plus the Circles of Knowledge Conference in Marleborough.
Aug. 10-17  Harmonic Convergence 2011 in Ireland
Aug. 21-28  Shamanic Kabbalah
 at The Crystal Dome Retreat, Nelson, BC
Sept. 1-7 Alchemy &  Aromatherapy Seminar
at  The Crystal Dome Retreat, Nelson BC

PS:  Alchemysteries Elixirs & Aromatics are on sale this month, 3 for the price of 2....
Earth Mysteries Travel has been offering Sacred Site Journeys for over 30 years. These journeys have often been non-profit ventures whereby a pod of sincere explorers of the "mysteries" have journeyed with crystals in hand & a prayer or song in heart to a landscape or temple site that may have called out to us in the dream-time. Given the present activations happening with the Planetary Earth Grid, these "mystical journeys" require spiritual intent & guidance that goes well beyond "Adventure Travel".  
Joseph-Mark has guided 10 journeys to Egypt since 1978. He is gathering a  core group for the 11th, yes of course, to celebrate the 11.11.11 in the bosom of Ma'at in Egypt exploring Giza, Abydos, the Sinai , Petra in Jordan & Alexandria.  The departure date is Oct.27th. You will find the itinerary posted in the Egypt Gallery at

 Joseph-Mark offers his annual
Shamanic Kabbalah Summer School
in late August
at the Crystal Dome Retreat.
(also available for
vacation rental July 15 to Aug 12th)

blessings & safe travels,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
To learn more, click on the accompanying photos for travel appetizers & intineraries.
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