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Kabbalistic Astrology
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Water Lily Glastonbury Abbey
Tree-of-Life Mystery School
& Earth Mysteries Newsletter
September 2, 2011

Welcome to the Sept 2nd
Edition of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School's Earth Mysteries Travel Blog
for 2011. You will discover your invitation to some upcoming Sacred Site Journeys & retreats in 2011 by clicking the photographs on the left hand column. There are embedded mp3 music files nested within each of these links to keep your hemispheres resonant while you are text surfing!


The Crop Circle Oracle Cards special  

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I am present booking Crop Circle Mysteries Seminars for the autumn in British Columbia & Ontario (October) so just give a call if you are keen to host an evening or a weekend seminar. 

The 2011 Crop Circle Season

in the UK may well have been the most controversial & fascinating one yet. I had the good fortune to explore & meditate in 7 crop circles within 1-4 days of their formation.
The 2 most impactful were the Merkavah Star that nested 12 tetrahedrons (like Japanese origami) that appeared on 25/07/11 & the magnificent Spiralling Orbital Spheres that graced Windmill Hill on 26/07/11. I was able to walk each of the inner triangles of the Merkavah Star before sunset at Etchilhampton with my guide Louie taking photos & a u-tubing video at circumference. The joyful journey through each of the spheres of the huge Windmill Hill formation took over 2 timeless hours & I have my Glastonbury friend Marcus to thank for that visit.

The highlight of this formation was the smallest circle which held 2 childlike woven nests with 5 spiral woven circles in each. Somehow this was a humourous hint/note/code from the Circle-Creators as to what the hidden harmonics of 2011 are all about. .(And just moments ago, Karen Alexander sent me the latest Temporary Temples newsletter showing the first fifth dimensional formation to appear on 15 August at Cherhill. Be sure to visit Steve & Karen's website to view/purchase this year's full suite of aerial photos).

So taking out my kabbalistic gematria microscope/ macroscope to the Windmill Hill formation, I counted 32+24+6 (orbit shells)+10 ( the double 5 breath/dimesions at the microcosmic control panel of this formation). So here is that magical number 72 appearing once again.

For those of you that own a copy of the Crop Circle Oracle Cards will be well aware of how often this magical number 72 ( a 1/5th of 360. gematria of hhessed/compassion, the number of processional evolution) appears in major crop formations. So, needless to say, the majestic 5D formation may be the season's coda & a clear hint as to where we are heading in our consciousness evolution......

To hear more about this season's circles & assorted Earth Mysteries, tune in to on Sept.9th for a 1 hour interview with JMC.

 Kabbalistic Astrology
Upcoming Portals 
The New Moon of Aug. 28th at the 6th degree of Virgo ( 156th degree, see Aleph 2160 A Zodiac Oracle) features a grand trine in earth with New Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn & Jupiter in Virgo. Venus is also part of this grand trine formation which is all about the fascinating re-alignment of Planetary Economics that is happening this year & beyond. As this astrologer has a few clients & friends who are keen to preserve & enhance their assets, I do like to tune into some fun financial newsletters to hear what the pundits are saying/promoting. But given my deep Libran allergy to the ecological nightmares that have been created by International Corporations, Big Pharma, & the Oil Cartel ( aka fracking), I am delighted to see Avaaz working to inform Mr. Obama about the reasons to halt the proposed pipeline that would bring CDN tar sand oil to Texas! And there will be strategic initiatives this October to put a roadblock on the agenda of Monsanto. The planet that rules water ( & oil, & the ocean tides) Neptune has retrograded back into Aquarius so we have yet another chance to create a tidal wave of consciousness that could put an end to the misuse of our resources ( see to hear the Kogi Elder Brothers message regarding the dreamchange needed for Earthlings).
Key upcoming transit portal dates this month: include: Sept. 8 Mercury zodiacally aligned with Regulus, the heart of the Lion & keeper of the Time Codes. Sept. 11: 10 Year Anniversary of the Great 9:11 Ruse. The full moon in Pisces is a dreamchange portal on the 12th. Sept. 23: Fall Equinox, a time be in balance Sept. 27th New Moon in Libra Sept. 28th Rosh HaShanah eve... Sept.29th: Venus conjumct Saturn Re-evaluation of what is of true value! ( currency & karmic adjustments)

Upcoming Journeys & Events 


Sept.11, 11am to 11pm Egyptian Mystery School teachings, slide show & meditations at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Kootenay Lake, BC
Sept. 30-Oct.2nd CPAK conference in Sedona Arizona. ( organized by Walter Cruttenden, author of Lost Star of Myth & Time).
Oct. 3-6th Codes of the Kabbalah in Sedona, Az ( call 250-229-2227)
Earth Mysteries Travel has been offering Sacred Site Journeys for over 30 years. These journeys have often been non-profit ventures whereby a pod of sincere explorers of the "mysteries" have journeyed with crystals in hand & a prayer or song in heart to a landscape or temple site that may have called out to us in the dream-time. Given the present activations happening with the Planetary Earth Grid, these "mystical journeys" require spiritual intent & guidance that goes well beyond "Adventure Travel".  
Joseph-Mark has guided 10 journeys to Egypt since 1978. He is gathering a  core group for the 11th, yes of course, to celebrate the 11.11.11 in the bosom of Ma'at in Egypt exploring Giza, Abydos, the Sinai , Petra in Jordan & Alexandria.  The departure date is Oct.27th. You will find the itinerary posted in the Egypt Gallery at


blessings & safe travels,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
To learn more, click on the accompanying photos for travel appetizers & intineraries.
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