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Kabbalistic Astrology
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Water Lily Glastonbury Abbey
Tree-of-Life Mystery School
& Earth Mysteries Newsletter
Nov. 29, 2011

Welcome to the Nov.29th
Edition of
the Tree-of-Life Mystery School's

 Earth Mysteries Travel Blog
for 2011.  

You will discover your invitation to some upcoming Sacred Site Journeys & retreats in 2011-12 by clicking the photographs on the left hand column. There are embedded mp3 music files nested within each of these links to keep your  hemispheres resonant while you are text surfing! 


The Crop Circle Oracle Cards special  

this  month is for those

 who book an astrological consultation or a year long transit update. You will receive a free ccoc deck  along

with your session.


Kindly call 1-888-633-2214 or e-mail for wholesale orders. The Crop Circle Oracle Card deck is a great introduction to the vibrational frequencies arriving from The Source Field ( see David Wilcock's Investigations) in 2012. These crop circle images will activate your creativity & dimensional perception. They make a beautiful gift for Christmas, Hanukah, Winter Solstice, birthdays & even Valentine's day ( for Aquarians!)


Those who purchase a deck ($72 +p&h) in 2011 receive a free intro reading.


If you would like to sponsor the popular Crop Circle Mysteries  Slide Show & Seminar  in 2012, please send your request to 

Kabbalistic Astrology News

The New Moon on Nov. 25th at 3 degrees of Sagittarius seems to have opened up a very interesting portal for lucid dreaming. This new moon, following upon the vibrations that nested in the Earth Grid on the 11.11.11 date, is activating a release of energies that is truly alchemical in nature. The degree symbol found in Aleph 2160 speaks of Asclepios, the wounded healer in Greek mythology that is the guardian of the corpus collosum, the bridge betweem the hemispheres of the human brain.
 So it is time now for us to participate in  a big dream change for our planet & attune to what is being seeded in the visionary imagination .( the Eye that sees more than the Heart knows , according to William Blake, whose birthday was on the 28th Dec.) We are in a potent planetary moment that involves solar flares, geomagnetic field activity, & assorted earth changes ( see Mitch Battros's Earth Changes Report).  The New moon was trine Uranus in Aries & quincunx Jupiter in Taurus. A quincunx is the most misunderstood of all astrological aspects as it indicates the need for a multidimensional awareness at a consciousness threshhold or crossroad. Go view that 11.11.11 released film entitled Thrive on YouTube & you will get a glimpse of what the  economic crosssroad is all about!
The good news: the grand trine of Mars, Jupiter & Pluto in earth signs offers us the courage, vision & perseverence to effect the social, economic & technological changes that need to happen at the turning of the ages.
Transits to watch:
Venus conjunct Pluto on Dec.1... a big re-evaluation of currencies, investments, all that is hidden from view...
Mercury retrograde from 24 Nov.-14 Dec.
a time to review what you write, how you speak & to re-contact old friends...
Sun conjunct Galactic Centre degree on Dec. 19th, news from the Hunab Ku...

Upcoming Journeys & Events 


Dec.17-22:     Sedona Stargate retreat with JMC & guest alchenists.  You will experience a delightul Rumi evening, hike to the vortexes, experience EES scaler wave meditation & crystal bed attunement, &  delve deeply into your own creative being with Kabbalistic & Galactic Astrology.  Call 250-229-2227 to reserve your space today. 


Dec.26-30:  Codes of the Kabbalah retreat in Sedona. Each day we explore a different vortex & a major code. These include the Tree of Life, the Gematria Code, the Geometry Code of the Crop Circles & the Sonic Codes of Co-Creation. This week is a great tune-up in preparation for 2012.


Earth Mysteries Travel has been offering Sacred Site Journeys for over 30 years. These journeys have often been non-profit ventures whereby a pod of sincere explorers of the "mysteries" have journeyed with crystals in hand & a prayer or song in heart to a landscape or temple site that may have called out to us in the dream-time. Given the present activations happening with the Planetary Earth Grid, these "mystical journeys" require spiritual intent & guidance that goes well beyond "Adventure Travel".  
Joseph-Mark has guided 10 journeys to Egypt since 1978. The timing for the next Egypt Stargate Journey has been shifted to  February 2-18 2012. This 18 day adventure includes ceremonials at Giza ( Sphinx, King's Chamber, Solar Cross) Abu Sir, Sakara, Amarna, Abydos, Aswan & Luxor.
There will be a Sinai Stargate Retreat & special visit to Petra in Jordan.
The Journey will be followed by an optional week long seminar at a guest home near Alexandria on Kabbalah 2012
 & the Merkavah Meditations.
There is much inner preparation to do for this  Journey so kindly e-mail us with your intention to participate today. And should you have a connection to the teachings of Charles Muses, Abdel Hakim  Aywan, Carlo Suares or  even Akhenaton, this tour may be perfect for you! Do visit the Egypt Gallery at  www.treeoflifeschool. com to learn more.

blessings & safe travels,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
To learn more, click on the accompanying photos for travel appetizers & intineraries.
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