From New Orleans via Venus to the Sun..

Welcome to the new format for Earth Mysteries Travel, reincarnating as a google blogspot... This edition, From New Orleans via Venus to the Sun, coming your way for the full moon eclipse on June 4th, followed by the Venus transit to the Sun on June 5 & 6...

I have just returned to the Crystal Dome Retreat in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. My creek has gone totally wild & whitewater as the winter snowpack atop

Kokanee Glacier is melting. I love it, the incessant roar... reminds me of my childhood nearby the Horseshow Falls at Niagara...

First things first, a short report from the UAC conference in New Orleans where over 1000 astrologers gathered for assorted seminars & conclaves. I had not been to New Orleans since my first UAC in 1989. The French Quarter was just around the corner from our hotel, pulsating with music & art shops, jazz & soul music every evening.

This Sun Neptune Libran meandered about daily as counterpoint to the tribal networking that goes on 24/7 amidst astrologers held hostage in a Marriott Hotel.

Yes, there were seminars to enjoy & friends to greet. I enjoyed hearing Daniel Giamarrio's presentation on the synodic cycles of Venus & its various phases.

For humour, wit & anthro-cosmo-ecoshamanology, the wry coyote Caroline Casey won my award for her cosmic colour commentary!

Very heart warming to see so many old tribal friends: Alan Oken arriving from Bali & Lisbon via Seattle. Ray Merriman & old friends from ARC conferences in the 70s & 80s. My Pisces soul sister Alexandra Karacostas, now president of the OPA whomI have invited to join me to guide an astrotheatre week on the island of Metalini, in the summer of 2013....

The Regulus Awards for community building astrologers made for an extra-ordinarily heart-warming evening. I seeded some Crop Circle Oracle Card decks in astro-camel-bags en route to Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy & Brazil, among others....

Astrologers are totally entranced with the ongoing Pluto Uranus Square which is exact again for 2 full weeks at the June 19th Pole Star New Moon. The Mayan Calendar material received very little attention at UAC... This surprised & disappointed me!

There were very few young astrologers in attendance at UAC. I feel that those in their 20s may have personal mentors & You Tube pundits from whom to glean things galactic. I would have liked to see a subsidized youth conference, the kindthat you find at Bioneers in Marin.... However, the Kepler School graduates were a joyful presence &

I would love to send a dozen young friends ( & a few elders as well) to the on-line distance learning MA program in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology at Trinity St. David in Wales ( & Bath) under the tutorship of Nick Campion.

OK, what about that full moon Lunar Eclipse at the 15 degree Gemini/Sagittarian axison June 4th & the Venus Sun conjuction that follows on June 5-6th???

For those of you who happen to own a copy of my degree symbol book: Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, you will find that Gemini 15-16 (75-76) takes you back to Egypt to a ceremony called The Litany of Ra. I had the great good fortune of attending this as majestic 12 hour theatre extravaganza ( a ritual for 75 participants only each night)

in Toronto some light years ago choreographed by R. Murray Schafer.RA had 75 names in Egyptian theurgy. You might want to explore the workof Charles Muses to learn more about this.

The Mystery School Initiationsare an under-the-earth- grid spring that is nourishing this upcoming Sun Venus alignment. You might want to attune to Tom Kenyon's Hathor recent channelings or read Barbara Hand Clow's Awakening the Planetary Mind. The teachings of my friend & Egypt guide Abdul Hakim are resonant & alive regarding the Khemit work. ( I am planning to host a conference to celebrate & share these teachings in 2013 in Boulder & Sedona... Kindly send me an e mail if you would like to attend)

The degrees on the Sagittarian sector of the axis 255 & 266 take you to the Chamber of the Open Transmutation: aka The King's Chamber.

So what to make of it all, you may ask??? Well, it looks like imminent changes at the core of the Sun & a resultant download at Giza that will be broadcast to the whole Earth Crystal Grid!

BTY: Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle is presently sold out in its first full colour illustrated edition & awaiting its next incarnation. Meanwhile, I have now made it available as a pdf e book. The cost is $36, payable via paypal to You can simply download it into your computer, then take up zen & the art of zodiacal divination (& give your Sabian symbols away to a local cab driver) !

Summer Programs at the Crystal Dome & Beyond:

June 15-17: Astrology 360 Retreat at CDR
July 13-18: Kabbalistic Healing & Shamanic Kabbalah
July 23-Aug.1: Merlin's Mystical Britain Tour ( Crop Cirlces & More)
Aug. 20-25: Alchemy & Aromatherapy Training Seminar
Aug. 28-31: Manitoulin Island Shamanic Astrology Retreat

visit for brochures with full details.....

May the Summer bring us all joyful surprises!

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