Zodiac Oracle with Joseph-Mark Cohen 
December 2008  Special Edition

On Nov.13th 2008, we entered Day 6 of the Galactic Underworld according  to the Mayan Calendar (as interpreted by Carl Johan Calleman & Barbara  Hand-Clow). This suggests that what has recently occurred in America re the credit meltdown, mortgage crisis, & stock market free-fall is not necessarily going to lead to a planet wide recession & chaos. (For sure, wise investors are short-selling banks & insurance companies & investing in what brings joy rather than material profits!)
The election of Barack Obama  has given immigrant & refugee Americans (even ex-patriots) a hope & a prayer that the age of corporate crime against the environment is about to come to a close. Those who have funds to invest are seeing a ray of light shining within the rapid  development of Green Energy & Renewable Utilities as the fossil fuel mentality is put to rest with the dinosaurs. So it appears that Day 6 of the Mayan Calendar  will be a time of tremendous growth for alternative energy technologies that  work with the powers of the Earth. Your zodiac oracle was recently listening  to a channeling from Kryon (through Lee Carroll) that hinted that the Moon, through its periodic creation of ocean tides, will inspire us to create an ancient/new energy  technology via kinetic oceanic water. Call it the energy of waves! This is much safer than hydro-electric power projects that damn & divert rivers & fresh water streams. Kryon also suggested that we will learn to tap geothermal heat-- of which there is an abundance just beneath the surface of the earth.
And then for those of us interested in physics & Zero Point  Energy, Nassim Haramein has this notion that there is a black hole at the core of  every galaxy, solar system & proton in your human body! The good news is that  most black holes are vacuum-plenums that offer us infinite free energy. So there  we have it..an ecstatic discovery that puts an end to entropy & credit cards! 

Ah, but  I forget to mention the message of the Hathors (channeled though Tom Kenyon) who  advise us to think small-is-beautiful again & emanate gratitude for the 1001 blessings that come our way each day. 
 So what does old-fashioned Astrology have to say about  2009? 
The Portals for 2009: Pluto, the planet that got bumped by astronomers, has made its descent in the underworld of Capricorn not to emerge in Aquarius until 2024. Our whole planet is about to undergo a challenging shamanic initiation that will put to bed an era of moral, ethical & economic mischief & bring on an era of earth based  ecological wisdom amidst a rather dramatic dissolution of planetary karma, 26,000 years of it!

We have a mere 4 years from Winter Solstice 2008 to Winter Solstice 2012, the likely time of the Shift, the Bump, the Dimensional Upgrade this planet has been moving toward for forever. So Pluto, working at the atomic core of the Earth, along with some pulsations from our local Sun & resultant earth grid magnetic field alignments, is about to trigger an eruption of planetary kundalini! 
No, you don't necessarily have to get off the coastline & move to Peru or the Kootenays! We just have to love the Earth, be grateful, & listen to that inner voice that guides us moment by moment. 
T he big news in the planetary dance is the tight tango going on between Saturn in Virgo & Uranus in Pisces. There are 5 exact oppositions between these 2 planets in the months to come. The French poet Guillaume Apollinaire spoke of this as a lover's quarrel between the forces of tradition & innovation. It is quite the balancing act. Saturn is downsizing, economizing, counting  change, collecting karmic debts & being helpful to those in crisis while Uranus is simultaneously creating emotional tidal waves &  the opportunity for random acts of kindness & quantum leaps of consciousness.. 
  So the key to enjoying 2009: Be grateful for what the Great Mystery sends our way & keep dancing! More on 2009 in the next issue of your Zodiac Oracle, including all the Portal dates for the year to come.. And if you book your 2009 personal planetary update by Dec.30th, & pay for it via a donation to Pneemah via Paypal ( & correctly answer the skilltesting question re the number of p's in this paragraph) the fee for your 2009 consult will be $209...
Nov.30  2008  Zodiac Oracle
by Joseph-Mark Cohen 
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