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Thought you might enjoy Michele Karen's perspective on the present eclipse cycle. I will be focussing on the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse for the next Kan issue. You may find that your dreams become particularity vivid and revealing for the next 2 weeks. For those of you that have purchased a copy of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, you may want to look up the 15th degree of Pisces which is gematria 345 in the 360 circle. It is a very happy Purim/carnival degree that honours Miriam, midwife and water diviner, sister of Moshe...

I am planning a Rosh HaShannah retreat at the Crystal Dome for Sept.22-24. Just call the vm number if you wish to attend...

wishing you many blessings between the eclipses,



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From: Michelle Karen <>
To: Astro US <>
Subject: Lunar Eclipse Sep 07 2006
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 23:56:17 -0700

Dearest Friends

Although Karen Bishop and I have never met in person, she and I have connected several times through e-mails, excited over how similar our reports are. Her work and mine complement and support each other so beautifully that I do warmly encourage you to regularly check her newest alerts on www.WhatsUpOnPlanetEarth.

The upcoming eclipses being so pivotal, I feel compelled to write a little more about them.

Eclipses always mark points of no-return. Decisions made on and around these dates are forever sealed and cannot be changed. The Lunar Eclipse (Sep 7) asks us to focus more on the outward aspects of our lives. The Solar Eclipse (Sep 22) will shift our attention to our inner life and our emotions. The two up-coming eclipses being on the Virgo-Pisces axis which is the axis of purification and enlightenment, we need to be ultimately honest with ourselves and clean our houses both literally and figuratively. This may mean a physical illness that brings tons of toxins to the surface (old paradigms that are being released). This may mean feeling a compulsion to go through our closets and throwing away objects, books, clothes we no longer use. This may mean separating ourselves from situations, relationships and jobs that our hearts are no longer involved in.

We are about to go through a major portal. Today (Sep 6), we are more clearly than ever, leaving the old materially based third dimensional reality. Tomorrow (Sep 7) , we shall be stepping into a world that will only accept Life, Love and Light. By becoming now, at this portal, clear on what our true values are, we shall not be adversely affected when in September 2008
( Pluto entering Capricorn), we shall see all the structures and companies that are not spiritually based,  miserably starting to crumble down. The sense of chaos or temporary frustration over delays and obstacles are the result of the old energies conflicting what is to replace them.

The Lunar eclipse, on September 7th (11:42 AM PDT) falls at 15º Pisces. In the Sabian Symbols  this is the degree represented by
"A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors, or the quintessence of deeds well done" . Much will start re-emerging of initiations gone through in past lives, our true spiritual heritage, and the real meaning of love in its sacred dimensions. We are connecting to our soul family and separating from relationships that were more karmic in essence and could not support us all the way to enlightenment. Because that is now our destination. Literally switching the light into what was still in darkness/ignorance/density.

The Lunar eclipse chart reveals sudden changes of residence, dramatic upheaval of domestic circumstances, seemingly unexpected emotional separations, the grief of which will be short-lived as more exciting conditions replace the pre-existing ones
(Moon Conjunct Uranus). It may feel like we are sleep-waking through our days and unable to find sleep at night (Neptune Opposition Saturn) and that we are leading a sort of double life: one connected to the things we have to do in order to keep functioning in society; and the other, where our spiritual life and all the information we are downloading through dreams and visions, seems a reality quite as tangible. There is a need to be impeccable in speech and deep in our thoughts (Mercury Square Pluto). No superficial answers to our questions will satisfy our thirst for the truth. Creative solutions need to be found in love relationships (Venus Quintile Jupiter). Total emotional honesty and openness are required as we are stepping into completely uncharted territory.

It is important to pay close attention to our dreams which could be quite psychic in essence and reveal deep aspects of our lives we need to become aware of
(Neptune in Aquarius, Quincunx the Sun, Squaring Jupiter). It would be wise to remove any electronic device from our bedrooms (TVs and computers especially), and spend the hour before going to sleep, listening to music, writing, painting, day-dreaming, doing some yoga or other form of meditation. We are re-weaving the tapestry of our lives with all sorts of threads from many dimensions, life-times and chapters of this incarnation, as well as adding the new elements that we're discovering as our consciousnesses expand.

There is a need for simultaneously purity and passion
(Mars and Venus in Virgo, Mars Square Pluto, Venus Quintile Jupiter). This is not a time for lust or simply sexual affairs, but for relationships involving our hearts, through which we regain a state of innocence. The DNA structure of our bodies is being recreated and requires much fine tuning in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep and sex. The quality of the water we drink will be of even greater importance from now on, as water carries memories needed for our cells to regenerate. DO get rid of your microwave as it is literally similar to taking a written page, cutting out all the letters, throwing them up in the air and hoping to make sense on what fell on the floor.

Do not forget to charge your blank sheets tomorrow at 11:42 AM PDT. Any crystals you may have, that you want to re-program, can have their memories erased by placing them under the Lunar Eclipse. You will then be able to reprogram them at the following Solar Eclipse.

By next week, more on the Solar Eclipse of September 22nd....

In Loving Light.

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