Dear Friends of Tree of Life Mystery School
& neighbours in the Kootenays,,,
I have recently posted a suite of meditation
portals & potential planetary healing ceremonials
by link on the homepage
where you see 2008
& under the Planetary Healing section.
You will find these transit timings
both fascinating & enigmatic.
There are two events coming up this weekend
one long distant one
& one right here
The Crystal Dome.
On the 29th, my friend
Estara is hosting a festival in Hawaii to
attune to the message of the whales & the dolphins.
(This is a Galactic Alignment day with Mercury opposing
Sirius, the legendary home of the dolphins, Venus conjunct
Alpha Centauri, home of the Apu & angels who watch over us,
Mars opposing Jupiter in the solstice degrees
& Jupiter quintile Mars for a creative & fun gathering.)
 You can go to her website
 to tune in via video broadcast
 on your computer.
On Sunday the 30th from noon to 4 pm,
I will be offering my annual
(last year in Sedona, Arizona)
Astrological Journey for the year to come.
Cost is $36
& you will learn more about those portals
& even about the transits to your own chart,
 if you bring it along.
Then on Monday the 31st, I will be offering
transits for 2008 readings by telephone.
These readings are 45 minutes +
& cost $137, payable via paypal.
You receive a cassette tape of the session
& a game plan for 2008.
So even if you can't make it on Sunday
due to snowboarding or snowbirding,
you can surf those 2008 Portals gracefully.
And, yes, I will be serving yet another
round of Galactic Alignment Elixirs
 at the Sunday Workshop...  
 Happy Gregorian New Year.
 The Chinese New Year is just
the corner!!
with blessings for a safe & prosperous 2008,

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