Kabbalistic Astrology Newsletter  April 14    2002 
Dear Kan Recipients,
The most recent new moon happened in the 23rd degree of Aries on Friday at 12:21pm Pacific time.
The degree speaks of our axial tilt in my epic poem Aleph 2160. This week in the Toronto Globe & Mail there was an article that surveyed a recent Nature magazine where deep space photography showed the dramatic decrease in our magnetic fields.  Their idea is that the coming magnetic field pole shift will take place over a full 2160 year astrological age rather than the 7 years visioned by John of Patmos or the three and a half days of darkness prophecied by Drunvalo & Greg Braden. Old fashioned biblical interpreters might see three and half days to equal 3500 years, which would please the scientists but force  the  new age ascension crew to put a hold on their apocalyptic horses !  So allow me to quote from Aleph 2160, which is a 2160 line long poem, one for each year of the age of Pisces ( which was officially over in 1961, if you believe the rock musical Hair )
we are precessing this moment like a spinning top before it falls
developing mid-life equatorial bulge    as we rotate
around our own axis   perpetually retilting   the terrestial pole
toward Polaris  Yildin  Kochav Thuban Vega Cepheus      Ketuv Olam
we are not like birds   born knowing    where the pole lies   or how to fly
knowing the stars    stay where they are    it is our attitude    that wobbles
When we tune in to the Sky News of the present moment ( Alan Dyer in SkyNews Exploring the Early Spring Night Sky) we find " a unique succession of Moon-planet pairings, as the waxing moon glides past each of the five naked eye planets in turn, beginning with a close encounter with mercury April 13th ( last night) and ending with an eye-catching conjunction with Jupiter on April 18th. On April 17th, with the Moon halfway between Saturn and Jupiter, all six worlds form a neat line stretching across 60 degrees of the evening sky, a rare chance to see and photograph all the night sky's naked eye solar system objects in one view."  This is a good as it gets for naked eye observers until Sept. 8, 2040 !
The skydance continues in the merry month of May when Venus, Mars & Saturn form a tight 2.5 degree triangle in the sky on May 4th & 5th and the dance reaches a climax on May 14th when the five planets are at their tightest configuration, all within 33 degrees, with the crescent Moon very close to Venus ( the symbol of Islam, I believe). So the viewing will be majestic, but what will take place on our politically challenged planet is yet to be seen. What we can say is that this is what those of us who are fond of Robert Fritz's model for creation or co-creation  like to call  "pivotal moments".  Hopefully ones that resolves the karmic embers that have flared up in our face as  leftovers from the age of Aries.
The moon in astrologuese speaks of our subconscious mind, the mother, the early childhood memories and conditioning. In the Kabbalah the moon is the ruler of the sphere of Yesod, the foundation. So we have a chance this month, perhaps , to examine both our individual and our collective thought-forms, values, will, karma and ultimate aspirations as we gaze out at the visible planets of our solar system. Astrologically , we have just come through two major squares with Mars recently conjuncting the Pleiades and squaring Uranus in Aquarius ( the ancient war that the french poet Guillaume Apollinaire called the war between tradition and innovation ) along with the recent ( April 9) square of Venus in Taurus to Neptune in Aquarius. The cosmic tension, then is between the " what belongs to me" of Taurus and the " what belongs to us" of Aquarius.
It is a major turning point in the planet dance, a pivotal moment in the political & karma dance, a time when the calendar is being recast by the lords of time, as it were. We should be able to have a long heart to heart chat with the shadows lurking in our personal & collective subconsious realm this month and broker a few internal peace treaties. The boundaries between the individual and the collective universes is being recast.
I, myself, will be guiding a brave & noble pod of explores on a Stargate adventure in the land of Egypt from April 26th ( the full moon) until May 14th. For those of you who wish to tune in during the dream state, you might want to meditate with us at  midnight in whatever time zone you are in for the full 17 day period. Many years ago Charles Muses put out a book that had many souls connected to Egypt meditating on the star Sirius, around the time that Pluto came as close as it comes to the sun. I remember doing a ceremony in the Kings Chamber of the Giza Pyramid where whe chanted the passage from the prophecy of Isaiah whereby the Hebrew letters total up to the height of the Pyramid itself. It is possible that we are finally entering the resonance point that will allow us to tune in and decode the star maps left to us by mysterious visitors at the time of the Tepzepi.  We shall see.
A few of the key portals for the month to come are:
Apr. 22: Earth Day with moon in Virgo for a project oriented approach to ecological problem solving. ( Take a leisurely visit to the FTN website listed in the links section below !)
Apr.26: Full moon in Scorpio at 11pm. Time to gather the picces of Osiris back together and remember where we are one being. ( If you live near New York, let me invite you to a Kabbalistic Astrology, Healing & Meditation Seminar from 4 to 5:30 at the office of Zeev Kolman , 250 West 57th Suite 630. The cost is $30, call Trish at 212 245-1715 to reserve a space )
Apr.28: Venus conjunct the Pleiades. Begin to take in the great star dance.
May 3 & 4: Watch for Mars & Saturn in the sky. Know that the samurai will be shaking their sabres, so to speak. Pray that all the stress and tension in the universe is made useful for the Great Creative Process.
May 8: Mars opposite Pluto. A day devoted to introspection, conscience and self restraint.
May 15: Mercury turns retrograde, time to enter a three week period of inner re-evaluation. A great time for writing and gardening...
       I am not making any promises about when the next Kan issue will appear in your in box. I did that in December & got lost writing the last chapters of The Unicorn Messiah. I plan to be back at the Crystal Dome working in the garden by May 17th. I will be available for private kabbalistic astrology sessions at that time. Then , if you should have a yen to travel, I can invite you to join me on the Morocco Journey for the World Sacred Music Festival, departing from NYC on May 28th. The details are posted in the Magi Travel section of the website....
Blessings to you all and happy spring,
Joseph-Mark Cohen
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