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 Sept. 22 Solar Eclipse New Moon at 30 degrees of Virgo

 Jewish New Year 5767

It is traditional for kabbalists to meditate on the calendar year at the time of the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashannah. The 5700 part converts to the Hebrew letters hay-sheen-tav, hasheet or the foundation. The 67 is the gematria of the word binah, the sphere of understanding or discernment on the tree-of-life. Binah in the physical body is associated with the function of the pituitary gland, guardian of the hormonal secretions. In the spiritual realm, binah is the sphere of the Great Mother or the Divine Mother, the ocean of compassion and caring for all creatures. This hints that there is a profound hormonal balance taking place on the planet this year that will serve to honour the feminine impulse to nurture and care for the environment and ecosystems of Earth. In the personal spiritual realm, each of us may gain access to the Book of Life, our unique soul records, karmic script and contracts. This is something deeper than what is termed past-life soul memory or healing of embedded trauma in the subconscious realm--- there is an opportunity for each of us this year to rescript our destiny and take on a new level of co-creatorship in a time of upheaval and planetary transformation.

The astrological picture this upcoming year offers many portals or turning points in our evolutionary planet dance. Pluto, no longer a planet by astronomical standards, is still the provocative potent ruler of the underworld for astrologers and mythographers as it moves slowly but surely to activate the degree associated with Galactic Centre in 2007. We will see a major planetary event on December 18th when Sun conjuncts Pluto that will be pivotal. For those of you that are participating in the Pneemah planetary healing meditations, there will be upcoming postings of a sonic meditation utilizing the 72 Divine names or heart petals as a broadcast to the Earth Grid. The transit of the planet Jupiter from  tropical Scorpio to Sagittarius on November 24th is a significant shift that is marked as well by the Mayan calendar. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and will bring about a tremendous burst of activity and light in the realm of education, networking, social work and humanitarian organizations. The work of Amnesty International will increase dramatically and some major benefactors will come forth with necessary funding sources. The downside of Jupiter in Sagittarius is some warmongering by fundamentals and fanatics and further self-righteous political machinations by America when Jupiter crosses the ascendant of the USA birth chart. On October 29th ( anniversary of the Stock Market Crash) the planet Neptune turns direct at the 18th degree of Aquarius. This degree according to gematria 318 in Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle hints that there will be significant and visible interdimensional and extra-terrestial assistance coming our way in the months to come. The key gematria is Eliezer (Lazarus in the NT mythos). Again this points to the upgrading and further mapping of our genetic code.

Regarding that recent Solar Eclipse at 30 degrees of Virgo, this degree will have an impact until the Spring Equinox 2007. Your kabbalistic astrologer looks at this degree, the 180th, as one that is about balance: the balancing of the 4 shields of self, the balancing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies, the balancing of personal and collective worlds and responsibilities, the balancing of self and Self. 

May this year 5767 be a good year, a year of evolutionary transits, safe travels & easy border crossings,

 a sweet year, a year of peace, a year of health and healing, a year of harmony & balance, and surely a year to remember!

with blessings & light,


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