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For many years now, Mettatron and the guardian angels of the Tree-of-Life have been offering their loving healing energies and radiance at workshops, ceremonials and journeys to sacred sites undertaken by friends of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School. Given the recent shift in planetary frequencies, Joseph-Mark has been guided to offer consultations and channelings that allow those who wish to receive guidance from Mettatron (and friends) to experience these healing frequencies directly.

Overview of Private Consultations:

Joseph-Mark Cohen has been offering professional holistic and kabbalistic astrology readings and transpersonal channelings since 1972. The format of these sessions has certainly changed over the years. Clients have often expressed (years thereafter) their gratitude for guidance that came through during a session with Joseph-Mark. The Private Consultation will go as deep as you allow it to. Joseph-Mark will bring through a poetic channeling of rich humour and compassion (& occasionally harmonic chants) that will touch your heart, open your mind to new pathways and offer you unique vibrational healing frequencies.

The standard rate for taped sessions is $256 (CDN.) for 90 minutes, $137 for 45 minutes.

You will receive an elixir, a tape of the session & an astrologically timed long distance broadcast with your session.

The Angel Elixirs

Angel Elixir

This Elixir Kit serves as a vibrational link to the angels that guard over the Tree-of-Life & various aspects of kabbalistic teachings.. For those of you who would like to research the vast treasury of mythology & hearsay about angels, two valuable books to consult are: A Gathering of Angels by Morris B. Margolies and A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson. The Angel Elixirs were prepared in August 2000 during an astrological portal at the Crystal Dome near Lake Kootenay. They were charged with harmonics, sacred geometry & kabbalistic invocations. The elixirs are intented to offer a dimensional bridge for meditation & healing experiences. The kit includes 12 1oz angel elixirs in a violet glass bottle with a spray top The 12 angels who have gracefully infused these elixirs (composed of Frangelico liqueur , ethereal vibrations & pure glacial water ) are as follows:
Sandalphon: angel of prayer & song, keeper of the earth mysteries, guardian of power places & the devic realms. Sandalphon is associated with Malhhut in the Tree-of-Life Earth Mysteries Sandalphon : }wpldns
Mettatron: the heavenly scribe who is called the prince of the Divine Face or Presence. Mettatron is said to have 72 different names, a few of which are: Yehoel, Yefifiah, Sar HaOlam, Surya, Hoveh Hayah. Mettatron is the angel who led the children of Israel during the Exodus.  Legend suggests  that Mettatron incarnated once on earth as Enoch, who walked with Elohim.  In his female aspect, Mettatron manifests as the Shekhinah.                 Dimensional Travel           Mettatron :                   }wrffm 

Mikael:  solar angel, prince of the Light, divine logos, leader of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness. Mee-ka-aye-lu : Who is like unto God. Personal guardian angel for many lightworkers.    Solar Heart               Mikael :                          lakym    
Gabriel: angel of annunciations & revelations. Gabriel is seen by the prophets as a man clothed in linen garments or as an androgynous angel blowing a shofar or trumpet. Associated with the sphere of Yesod in the Tree-of-Life, the moon, the spirit of truth. Gabriel is the angel who  came to rescue the prophet Daniel's 3 friends from the burning fiery furnace.                    Birth  Moments                Gabriel :            layrbg 

Raphael:  guardian of  the Tree-of-Life, messenger of love & healing, keeper of the original face/ divine matrix. His name means :" the first face of El " Raphael has been associated with the planet mercury in the solar system & scorpio in the Zodiac. Raphael is known to help humans master the balance between male & female energy within the body & soul.                     Healing                   Raphael :                                         lapr

Uriel: angel of Light who guards the gates of Eden. Uriel is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus & the light that comes to us from the Pleiadian constellation, particularily from the star Alcyone. In the Book of Adam & Eve, Uriel is reported to be one of the cherubim. Uriel is the angel who transmits sacred knowledge via the Hebrew fire letters & stellar geometries. Enlightenment                   Uriel:                                  layrwa   
Nuriel: a very tall angel of spell-binding power.Nuriel is the guardian of the fire within, or the indwelling light. Nuriel is the mystical fifth angel who helps humans calibrate the vibrations of Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel & Mikael. Nuriel is often seen in the form of an Eagle. " I did lift you up on loving eagle's wings, I have brought you back to me".                                Balance                             Nuriel:                              layrwn

Tzadkiel: an angel of benevolence, mercy, kindness, righteousness. Tzadkiel is associated with the sphere of Hhesed on the Tree-of-Life & the planet Jupiter. It is the magnetic field of the physical planet Jupiter that protects Earth from roving comets & asteroids.         Protection             Tzadkiel:                          layqdx 
Anpiel:  the angel of ascension who is reported to have conveyed Enoch to Heaven. Anpiel is also seen as the one who protects birds in flight. The hebrew root nun-pay appears in the word kanaf, or wing. Anpiel is the guardian of the breathing process: inspiration/expiration, nefesh, the soul in flight. Anpiel has a connection to the sphere of Binah in the Tree-of-Life.             Flight                Anpiel:                          laypnu

Raziel:  angel of the supreme mysteries, keeper of the secrets of the fire letters & sacred geometries. Raziel is considered to be the  personification of Hhohmah or Wisdom in the Tree-of-Life.The Book of the Angel Raziel contains a vast treasury of angelology, geometry, letter codes & cosmological keys.  Raziel is a teacher of the kabbalah of Divine Names & the cosmic science of vibration & resonance.   
  Revelation                 Raziel:                               layzr
Zagzagiel: a very tall angel who speaks all the languages known to man & more. Zagzagiel is reported to be the angel that appeared  to Moses within  the burning bush. One could call Zagzagiel the keeper of the portal of the Void or the guardian of the sphere of Da'at. Perhaps Zagzagiel is the angel to call upon when one is feeling absolutely astonished, speechless & in need of a translator !   Zagzagiel instructed Moses in the knowledge of the Ineffable Name.   Divine Vision         Zagzagiel:        laygzgz 
Zoharariel: gate-keeper of the Merkabah. Zoharariel is the guardian of the lightbody and watches over our experiences in the dreamtime. This great angel helps to protect us when we encounter the radiance of the divine light (the Pleroma). Zoharariel protects beings who are engaging in prolonged visionary journeys.
Merkabah Journeys  Zoharariel:       layrarhz
The Angel Elixirs may be ordered through the Tree-of-Life Mystery School via credit card. Cost is $12 per 1/2 oz. bottle with spray top for misting an environment, auric field or taking internally. The complete kit is $144 ( p&h inclusive).  To place your order, click here. 



The Tree-of-Light, Great Mystery, Zodiac & Angel Elixirs are composed of pure glacial solarized & stellarized water.They have been charged with an infusion of alcohol, vibrationally potentized at sacred sites via harmonic sound, geometrical forms, & invocation of elemental & angelic frequencies. We make no claims whatsoever as to their medicinal value. The Elixirs are intended to serve as a source of attunement for meditation, & psychological exploration. Word of your experiences with them is greatly appreciated. Shalom.

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