Glastonbury Lily Pond
 Merlin's Magical Britain 
 July 24-Aug.5
with Joseph-Mark Cohen
& guest alchemists

Lilies and Crop circles     This journey brings you to mythical Glastonbury  to  participate in a retreat that focuses on Sound Healing & The Kabbalah of the Crop Circles July 25-27th. We will be celebrating 'the day out of Time' from the Mayan calendar as well that weekend & taking part in research & ceremonials at the circles themselves near Avebury and Alton Barnes. We will be staying at a charming retreat centre within walking distance of the Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well and the Abbey. Following the retreat we will journey to the west country with a visit to the Eden Project en route to Tintagel. We will have our own Camelot round table style gatherings & attune to Merlin's magic in his sea-cave & some sacred & secret sites in the environ from July 28-31st. The exploration here is Alchemy & Aromatherapy and we will be exploring earth energies, star frequencies, crystal healing techniques and vibrational medicine as we take daytrips through this enchanted landscape. We then return to the annual Crop Circle Conference Aug.1-3rd in Devizes for 3 magical days of presentations with Steve & Karen Alexander & friends. On Monday Aug. 4th we will be back out into the fields near Alton Barnes & have the chance to fly over a circle or two in a microlight! You may be guided to stay on after our closing ceremonies on Aug.5th. Or join the following Earth Mysteries Travel  Harmonic Convergence 2008 tour to the west of Ireland Aug.8-17th....  

to request complete itinerary, fee schedule & booking form. 
Call 250-229-2227 for telephone inquires.    

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