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Your Source for rare vibrationally alive and  visually beautiful mineral jewellery. This on-line Crystal Gallery is a cyber re-incarnation of a mineral collection known by the name Gematreya in the years leading up to Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

 The tradition of  ceremonial crystals & minerals attuned to sacred sites is kept alive with these special mineral specimens that can be worn as a form of shamanic medicine and/or accessed as gifts for your meditation, feng shui or your healing practice.

 Each piece that you find here is unique and has a fascinating story to tell. We will be pleased to hear what you learn about the cosmos from your experience with one of these Microcosmos Minerals.


1) Chinese cinnebar in quartz, a tantric alchemist. Oval landscape set in 14kt gold. $333

2) Rare gem silica or chrysacolla. An angelic ally for your throat chakra. $441

3) Afghanistan  lapis triangle set in 14kt. gold. $345

4) Lapis  necklace with 34 triangles. The piece has a distinctive Egyptian feel to it. Resonates with Maat, goddess of Cosmic Harmony & Balance. $441

5) Fossilized coral sunburst set in 14kt. gold. $222

6) Rare Cinnabar Scenic in calcite/quartz which is considered to be a kundalini activator. A tantric ally! $360

7)Brilliant gem grade Mexican fire agate in the shape of a turtle. A shamanic piece.  $500

8) Brazilian rose quartz cluster (crystal is more pink than in the photo), guardian of the heart chakra. $372

9) Exquisite herkimer diamond with embedded miniature crystal attached, set in 14kt. gold. An angelic ally. $360

10) Silver star-of-david with rare diamond shaped sphene for developing clairaudience. $300

11) Sinai lapis with blue star in a vein of quartz. An Egyptian Mystery School resonance.  $345

12) Crystal dowsing pendulum with pentagonal faces. $314

13) Brazilian lepidolite pillar of light set with 14 kt. gold. A master healer. $300 

14) Quantum Universal Balance Lepidolite for the Light Body! $300

15) Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal cluster. A meditation piece, a treasury of pure joy.   $500

16) Chrysacolla Crystals set in a silver Merkavah Star-of- David and infused at Rachel`s Knoll in Sedona on the 22.12.2012 Great Galactic Alignment.  $500

17) Rare double Herkimer Diamond crystal set in sterling silver. An angelic ally!  $377

18) Waterfall Amethyst from Utah (or so we were told). The setting is a natural silver crystal which we call the merlin! (available on its own for $36). This crystal links soul star to crown chakra...  $377


 1) Cinnebar scenic quartz from China...
set in 14kt.gold
2) Gem silica (crystal chrysacolla) from Arizona with 14kt gold cap...
3) Lapis Lazuli triangle with a link to your ancestors..Set in 14kt. gold
Lapis Lazuli triangle  Lapis Lazuli Necklace
4) Lapis Lazuli necklace composed of  34 triangles.
One of a kind, has an Egyptian Maat feel to it....
5) Fossilized coral sunburst from the bottom of the ocean... 14kt gold setting....
6) Rare Chinese Cinnebar in Quartz/Calcite. Set in sterling silver.
7) Mexican fire opal turtle for the shapeshifter...st in 14 kt. gold 
 8) Brazilian Rose Quartz  majestic cluster set in silver (electroform).
Guardian of the Heart Chakra...
9) Brilliant herkimer diamond dream crystal set in 14kt. gold Yeminite Star-of-David design..
10) Silver Star-of-David
with sphene diamond stone..
Very rare..
11) Sinai Lapis Lazuli
with a blue star nested in a white band of quartz...
Silver, magical~!
12) Crystal Dowsing Pendulum with pentagonal faces.. Set with silver.. a dozen others for you to choose from.
 13) Rich lavender lepidolite from Brazil set in 14 kt.gold..
This piece will add some pure lithium to your light body!
Lavender Lepidolite Torus   14) Lavender Lepidolite Torus infused with the Scalar Wave energies. This scientifically proven infusion boosts bioenergy & the immune system.
15) Herkimer diamond quartz crystals in matrix..24kt gold over silver...
16) Chrysacolla Merkavah Star charged in the
Great Galactic Beam 22.12.2012 in Sedona..
17) Double or twinned Herkimer diamonds, silver setting. 
 18) Waterfall Amethyst with Merlin silver crystal cap.
19) Amethyst micro-cluster heart- to- crown link, silver electroformed setting. 
 20) Rose Quartz 360 senses pendant high heart opener.
21) Aquamarine dowsing pendulum with silver ahimsa...
22) Tall tabular quartz pendant with emerald eyes in the silver cap.


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