Brazil 2016:
Spiritual Healing Journey
Nov 29 - Dec 15
with Joseph-Mark Cohen

5 days at Chapada Dos ViaDeiro,
the city of lightworkers in the Alto Paraiso
5 days at an upcomming UFO conference near Iguassu
5 days exploring the majestic waterfall network at Iguassu
for an Alchemysteries Shamanic Healing Retreat..

(plus a healing visit with Joa de Deus aka John of God)


Eiquassa Falls


I have had many requests for a mystery school program to take place in Brazil.The itinerary is still being formulated for the fulltour; however it is sure that we will be delighted with our 5 day retreat at the majestic waterfall network of Iguassu Falls.We will take a series of daily hikes amidst the magnificent birdlife harbored under the jungle canopy: parrots & parakeets, toucans & hummingbirds, blue morpho butterflies & perhaps the magical uirapuro.(click to hear)
The remainder of our time in Brazil will include visits to legendary spirit healers, channels and spiritual communities Luis Garparetto and the Trigherino community. We will have opportunity to explore beautiful sources for minerals and crystals as well. Participants may choose to stay on for an extra week to 10 days to be in Abadania with Joa de Deus, John of God....
This trip will be our fourth to Brazil and each journey has been one of pure magic. I anticipate that the cost for this trip will be approximately $3333 US plus airfare from your departure city, depending upon the size of the group which will be limited to maximum of 8 participants. If you are called to Brazil at this time, call 250-229-2227 and be sure to leave a clear message on the voice mail.
Or send an e mail to
The tour itinerary will be finalized by March. 1, 2015.
Kindly submit your initial $500 deposit to hold a space for this journey.
Final payments will be required by March 10, 2015.
Contact to request complete itinerary and booking form.
Call 250-229-2227 for telephone inquires.  

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