Dear Friends of the Tree-of-Life Mystery School,

My friend in Australia, Anna Crozier, has invited me to present a series of Retreat Seminars from June 17-30 at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village near Maleny, 1 hour from Brisbane not far from the Sunshine Coast of northern Australia. There are large lakes nearby offering great kayaking and sailing and magnificent earth energies emanating from the Glass Mountains.

The Ecovillage is situated on the Marry River and Crystal Waters hosts 13 swimming areas, a Visitors Center, a Community Market and 500 acres of common land.

We have been invited to offer four separate programs there in the month of June. For details of each of these programs, kindly visit and contact joseph-mark@treeoflifeschool and/or Anna Crozier via  

 The scheduled programs are as follows:

June 17-19 Theatre of the Tarot $333,

June 20-23rd Alchemysteries Sonic Mystery School ( A training program that includes Harmonic Sound Healing, Advanced Polarity Therapy, Crystal Healing, Merkavah LightBody Initiations, Aromatherapy & Alchemysteries Elixirs) $777

June 24-26  Tree-of-Light 2005 Kabbalah Intensive $333

June 27-30  Codes of the Kabbalah $777.

It is advised that participants register for the full week programs of June 17-23rd or June 24-30. The fee for each week is $1111.This includes a cd disc with Joseph-Mark's Kabbalistic Healing Workbook, The Tree-of-Life Tarot Workbook and The Book of Gates. A telephone interview is advised before acceptance into these programs and the pre-registration fee is $222 (US) which can be processed via your credit card. To discover more about the Crystal Waters Health and LifeStyle Oasis, visit where you will find enticing photos and maps to guide you to the facility.

Note: The journey to Oz has been rescheduled for January 2006. We may be offering programs in Byron Bay and Melbourne.Direct your inquiries to