The Tree-Of-Life Mystery School

Shamanic Kabbalah Retreat

with Joseph-Mark Cohen

THE TREE-OF-LIFE Mystery School Shamanic Kabbalah Retreatoffers you a unique, one year, in-depth study program in the practical application of the mystical kabbalah. Enrollment is limited to 18 students who will meet in community and commit to a program of kabbalistic exercises, meditations and practices in order to explore inner space/time and the higher dimensions of consciousness. Priority will be given to health professionals with a healing practice. However, anyone with a calling to journey a kabbalistic "path with heart" is welcome to apply to the school. This work will enhance and expand your capacities to channel healing energies through your hands, your mind and your heart. Whether you are a doctor, psychotherapist, body-worker, artist, musician or educator, this training will help bring your consciousness to new levels of awareness. This program is designed to strengthen the connection to your higher self and to the Source of all healing power.

JOSEPH-MARK COHEN is an internationally respected kabbalistic astrologer and soundhealer who has been guiding retreats and seminars in Shamanic Kabbalah since 1975. He has received & taughttrainings and initiations in many disciplines including: Polarity Therapy, Sound Healing, Vibrational Energy Medicine, Crystals & Minerals, Past-Life Therapy, Sacred Geometry & Geomancy. For the past 30 years he has been conducting mystery school journeys to sacred sites in Israel, Egypt, Greece, the British Isles, Ireland,Peru, Brazil & the American Southwest. Joseph-Mark is the author of the epic poem Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle and the cdr trilogy Codes of the Kabbalah. Kabbalistic meditations,merkavah visualizations&harmonic overtone chantswill be offered throughout the training. Joseph-Mark is a gifted teacher who is known for his wisdom and compassion, creativity and humour.

An interview will be required for all applicants. Enrollment will be limited. Tuition for the school is $2222 CDN. Tuition includes the Codes of the Kabbalah CD plus periodic podcasts.

The School is offered in a Summer School residential format at the Crystal Dome Retreat, Kootenay Lake, BC Canada.

Program Modules Include:


We will practice the ancient/new technique of vocal harmonics for activating aspects of the "light-body" and clearing karmic imprints from the cellular memory. The techniques we will explore come from a variety of sources: Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, Pythagoras, Hazrat Inayat Khan, and cross-cultural shamanic teachings. You will explore vowel grids, tonal modulation, trance chant, spirit song, niggunim, and angelic invocations. You will begin to access your inner shaman & enhance your clairaudient & telepathic capacities.


We will be exploring our experiential knowledge of the spheres of the Tree-of-Life and the 22 pathways that connect these spheres. The Tree-of-Life will be explored as a map of consciousness and of the various energy bodies. The Chinese 5 element theory will be compared with the inner workings of the Tree-of-Life. We will learn the application of a wide variety of healing modalities as they relate to the tree: herbals, homeopathics, essential oils, flower remedies, gem & mineral elixirs, and star essences. You will learn a 22 movement treatment protocol that accesses the healing powers of the Hebrew fire letters.


Merkavah journeying is rooted within specific breath-work and visualization practices that allow the consciousness to travel to other dimensions. These techniques and practices parallel shamanic soul travel, past-life and future-life imaginal voyages. We will work in pairs and in matrix (groups of 3 and 6) to learn how these journeys can prepare us for radiatory healing. The dream work we will be exploring involves individual journal keeping, and rendezvous in the dream state.


The Jewish mystical path teaches us in subtle and metaphorical ways about the four worlds of self: the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical universes. The advanced teachings concerning the soul speaks of five levels or energy bodies. It is within these energy bodies that healing happens. We will explore the "border crossings" of these realms and the interplay between physical, psychological and spiritual selves. We will make our own journey into Pardes, or unity consciousness, to experience the healing that is available there. This will aid us in the development of kavannah (clear intention) and "loving presence."


Whether you are professionally trained as a medical doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist, doctor of homeopathy or acupuncture, a working knowledge of astrological cycles and timings can only enhance your practice. This segment of the training focuses on the mapping of initiations and the rites of passages we experience accelerated personal & planetary evolution approaching the portal of 2012. We will explore the paradigm of "the healing crisis" as an opportunity for soul growth. We will collectively design new ceremonies and rites of passage for ourselves and our loved ones. We will source the Sepher Yetzirah for a deeper understanding of the astrology of the soul.


We will practice a wide variety of meditation techniques in silence & with sound, in stillness & through movement, in solitude & within community, as a foundation for the attunement our soul work requires of us. We will loosen up with a creative s´fat autiot (language of the letters) a kind of kabbalistic tai chi, that serves to cleanse our personal tree-of-life and energy pathways. We will learn the art of personal balance through ritual play and cosmic humour. We will also expand our capacity to contact elemental & angelic energies via shamanic kabbalah meditations with crystals, minerals & harmonic sound...

To register for The Tree-of-Life Mystery School for Shamanic Kabbalah

Please call Joseph-Mark at 888-633-2214 or 250-229-2227 in Canada to set up an interview.

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